What are corn meal and corn starch?

Corn meal and corn starch are products of corn. Usually we will find that corn flour has two kinds of yellow and white, yellow corn meal is the most common. The shape is fine sand, and the taste is good. In some developed countries such as the United States, corn meal has been listed as the first health food in cereals, and is known as the “golden crop.” The corn starch is generally white powder, which is smoother than the taste of corn flour. So is corn starch corn flour? What is the difference between the two? Let’s talk about the difference between corn starch and corn meal. 

In fact, corn starch is not fundamentally different from corn flour, but the production process will be different.

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Corn meal

Corn meal

Corn meal is obtained by grinding corn directly into powder. During the grinding process, disk mill machine and hammer mill machine are the main machines to process corn. They are grain grinder machines, which can also grinds many other grains into meal. We provide both high quality of disk mill machine and hammer mill machine. Besides, there are many models with different capacities for customers to choose. This kind of grain grinder machine are very favored by customers from Nigeria, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Congo, Togo, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and so on.

Corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world, and its content of fat, phosphorus and vitamin B2 ranks first among cereals. Cornmeal contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, which can reduce cholesterol levels in the body, thereby reducing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. Corn meal contains more calcium and iron, which can prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease. The coarsely ground cornmeal contains a large amount of lysine, which can inhibit tumor growth. Corn meal also contains the trace element selenium. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of oxides in the human body and inhibit malignant tumors.

Corn starch

Corn starch

In brief, the corn is impregnated with 0.3% sulfurous acid, and then is prepared through crushing, sieving, sedimentation, drying, and milling. Common products contain small amounts of fat and protein. It is a white, slightly yellowish powder in appearance. Corn starch has the characteristics of strong hygroscopicity, which can reach more than 30%.

Because of its good water absorption, there is something to pay attention to when storing corn starch. When the opened corn starch is not used up, it can be placed in a closed container, or the original packaging can be folded several times and clamped with a clip, and stored in a cool and dark place. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture. 

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