9FQ Hammer Mill Machine

9FQ hammer mill machine is a series of professional machines for corn grinding. This series mainly includes three models, 9FQ-320, 9FQ-360 model, and 9FQ-500 model. 360 and 500 models hammer mill machines are combined with cyclone dust collection, so it’s with high practicability and efficiency. 9FQ-360 model is the smallest one with the smallest capacity while the 9FQ-500 is the biggest one. All of the machines can be matched with diesel engine or electric engine, which can solve the problem that some remote area lacks electricity. For this series of machines, we provide sieves with different sizes of holes to get different sizes of final product according to the customers’ demands.

How to Operate the Machine?

  1. Switch on the power engine. Let the 9FQ hammer mill machine run idle for a few minutes to confirm the rotation direction of knife roller is correct.
  2. Dump the raw material into the inlet of the machine. Do not put your hand too much into the feed inlet to avoid accident. Do not put into the machine metal, stone or other hard debris, affect the long-term use of the machine.
  3. The processed product will come out from cyclone. Because the final product is powder and is very fine, you can attach a bag to the exist of cyclone to collect the final product.
  4. If it is found that the feeding speed suddenly slows down significantly and a blockage is formed, then the feeding speed should be slowed down in time and the engine should be shut off if necessary until the machine is in normal operation.

Technical Parameters of 9FQ Hammer Mill Machine

With cyclone or notNoYesYes
Power2.2kw electric motor3kw electric motor170F gasoline engine6HP diesel engine11kw electric motor15HP diesel engine
Size830*635*968 mm800*650*720mm2000*850*2200mm
Qty of hammer16 pcs18 pcs24pcs

Advantages of 9FQ Hammer Mill Machine

  1. Compared to disk mill machine, the power engine only needs to drive the hammers to swing, rather than the whole abrasive disk, so it saves more energy than disk mill.
  2. They have light weight but high working efficiency.
  3. High adaptability to raw materials. Whether it’s corn cob or corn kernels, they are all available to be processed. Also some other materials like sliced potato or breadfruit from Africa, can also be processed effectively.
  4. The sieves are easy to be changed. We will provide a complete video of how to change the sieves after you order. We can also provide different sieves with different sizes of holes to satisfy the customers demands.
effect of corn grinding

Successful Case of Corn Grinder Machine to Nigeria

In July of this year, a customer from Nigeria ordered 72 sets of 9FQ-500 hammer mill machines from our factory. This order is for government purchase. The order only took 2 days to complete. On Tuesday we received the inquiry from this customer, and on Wednesday we received the first deposit. After receiving the payment from the customer, we spent about 3 weeks finishing the production. The reason why this customer was able to place such a large order in such a short time is because of our prompt reply and professional answers to the machine, and we try every means to meet the customer’s customized demand for the machine. Later this customer also ordered many sets of feed pellet machines from us.

Nigeria customer with thw 9fq hammer mill machine
Nigeria customer with thw 9FQ hammer mill machine


Q: What are the main differences among these models?

A: These models of 9FQ hammer mill machines are mainly distinguished by their capacities and the number of hammers. More hammers mean bigger capacity and more fine output powder.

Q: What can be raw materials?

A: Corn cobs, corn kernels, also wheat, soybeans, potato, breadfruit, etc.

Q: What if I want a finer powder?

A: You can get finer powder by changing the sieves with smaller holes.

Q: What’s the difference between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine?

A: The diesel engine is more expensive than the gasoline engine, but in most countries, diesel oil is cheaper than petrol. You can choose a suitable engine according to the oil prices of your country.

Q: What are the spare parts of the machine?

A: Sieves, hammers, belts that connect the engine and machine.


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