Corn grinder for chicken feed

Feed is an essential food for the daily growth of animals. Feed usually includes more than ten varieties of raw materials. Such as soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acids, miscellaneous meals, whey powder, fat, meat and bone meal, cereals, and feed additives. Chicken is common agricultural poultry. Energy feed is an important part of chicken feed, and corn is one of the most important feeds. In the daily chicken raising practice, the proportion of corn in the mixture can be as high as 70%. It shows that corn plays an important role in chicken feed. So, what are the characteristics of corn? Which makes it so important in the chicken industry and the entire breeding industry? 


For chicken, each kilogram of corn can produce 14.05 MJ of metabolic energy. The proportion of crude fiber in corn is very small, only 2%. But the digestibility can reach more than 90%, and the utilization rate is very high. Everyone knows that chicken’s digestive function is relatively weak. So it is necessary to choose feed ingredients with high digestibility, less crude fiber and sufficient energy. And corn just meets this condition. 

Chicken feed

Corn grinder machine

Grain grinder machine is mainly used to crush various feed materials and various rough feeds. The purpose of the grinder machine is to adjust the particle size to increase the surface area of the raw materials. In this way, the palatability of the feed is improved. And it is easy to contact the digestive juice in the digestive tract of poultry and livestock, which is conducive to improving the digestibility and enabling them to better absorb the nutrients of the feed. 

We provide two kinds of grain grinder machines, one is hammer mill machine, another is disk mill machine.

Hammer mill machine

Nigeria customer with thw 9fq hammer mill machine
Nigeria customer with thw 9FQ hammer mill machine

Hammer mill is a machine that crushes starch-containing materials or ore into powder in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific research, metallurgy and other industrial sectors. It obtains the required powder by high-speed shearing and hammering, driven by strong air flow, and filtering through a stainless steel screen. The equipment is equipped with a dust collection device without powder pollution. It has the characteristics of low temperature, low noise and high efficiency. Suitable for crushing dry and brittle materials such as animal feed raw materials, chemical materials, medicinal materials.

Disk mill machine

Disk mill machine is mainly based on the principle of cutting. The shred size is small, but the biomass raw materials become fine particles after shredding. In addition, the cross-sectional area of the biomass particles is smaller and the particle fibers are shorter. This machine is mainly applied to the feed grinding, it’s a good machine to process corn and grind grains into feed. 

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