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Grain grinder machine is also known as grain crusher or grain mill machine. It crushes grain into flour. There are various kinds of grains able to be processed. Such as corn kernel, soybean, millet, wheat, sorghum, and many other grains. The final product is grain meal, also called grain flour. It’s a very healthy and economic feed for animals.

     According to the processing method and the inner structure, the grain grinder always includes hammer mill machine and disk mill machine. Hammermill machine has hammers to grind grains into flour. The disk mill machine has a round disk which has many tooth claw blades, can crushes grains or even dries pepper, chili and so on.

Why do we Wholesale grain grinder machine?

We are a standardized operation enterprise integrating factory and trade. In recent years we have paid great attention to the development of the African market. Many countries in Africa are at a stage where they have just developed their economies. Agriculture in these countries is still in its infancy, and there is a great need to import suitable agricultural machinery from abroad. And for them, the function of agricultural machinery is to ease the labor of farmers’ manual labor, so the most important one of the requirements for agricultural machinery is quality and cheap.

With our promotion and publicity, more and more farmers understand our machines. In fact, many farmers do not have sufficient import experience, and tariffs and import documents may cause many difficulties for farmers who import for the first time. So we adopted a MOQ mode for some smaller agricultural machinery.

The benefits of a minimum quantity are mutually beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. For sellers, a sufficient transaction amount is a guarantee for export procedures and shipping risks. For the buyer, the more you buy, the less the average loss on each machine. In general, the more you buy, the better the cost. What’s more, the shipping time for an import may be as long as 2 months or even longer, so why not just buy a few more items and wait together?

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If you are a dealer or are planning to become a dealer

Our company has very rich experience in exporting. Usually we can solve all the problems you may encounter, such as the space of the container, the time of the shipping company and so on. We will consider you to the maximum and save your money.

We adopt long-term cooperation with dealer friends. Whether it is a free trial product or a free accessory, we will try our best to satisfy you.

We have exported agricultural machinery to many countries, such as Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Algeria and South Africa. Among them, Nigeria in particular, we need to send goods to Nigeria every week on average. Our bosses often go to Abuja, Nigeria to meet and talk with some important or old customers. He goes on average two or three times a year.

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