What is the manufacturing process of corn grits?

In the field of agri-food processing, corn, as an important food crop widely planted around the world, its deep-processed products – corn grits (Grits) are deeply loved by consumers. Through the use of modern corn grits machine for fine processing, the seemingly ordinary corn grains into fine and delicious, rich in nutritional value of corn grits.

Today, let us walk into the manufacturing process of corn grits, in-depth analysis of how to use the advanced corn grits machine will be full of golden corn grain into a gourmet meal on the table.

Step 1: Raw material selection and cleaning

The first step in making corn grits is to select high-quality dry corn as raw material. Firstly, the corn is preliminarily cleaned to remove dust, impurities and incomplete kernels to ensure the purity of the corn and the quality of the final product.

Step 2: Wetting with water and peeling

he cleaned corn is properly wetted with water and efficiently peeled using the corn grits making machine. After moistening the grain, the corn kernels pass through the machine’s peeling device, effectively stripping the corn skin and preparing for the subsequent crushing process.

Step 3: Crushing into grits

In the manufacturing process of corn grits, after peeling, the corn grain enters the core processing area of the maize grits machine – the crushing room. Here, the corn kernels are crushed into different sizes of particles, i.e. grits.

Maize milling machine for sale
maize milling machine for sale

According to the different requirements of customers on the particle size of corn grits, the maize grits making machine will be finely adjusted to achieve the ideal particle size.

Step 4: Screening and grading

The crushed grits are screened through the vibrating sieve or grading net to separate grits with different particle sizes to get products of various specifications. At the same time, this process can further remove the corn chips and other impurities that are not completely broken.

Finished products
finished products of corn grits making machine

Equipment used in the manufacturing process of corn grits

For the manufacturing process of corn grits, through the advanced corn grits milling machine, from raw materials to finished products, each step is strictly controlled, realizing the efficient transformation and fine processing of corn, and producing corn grits products that meet the market demand and have a superior taste.

Corn grits machine
corn grits machine

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