Corn Grits Making Machine | Maize Grits Milling Machine

Corn grits making machine is an ideal equipment to peel corns and make grits for getting big and small corn grits, cornflour. This kind of corn peeling and grits making machine can make profits for various customers, such as family workshops. Besides, this maize grits milling machine can be equipped with two motors, peeling and making grits together. This is its great advantage. This corn grits grinder can not only process corn, but also millet, rice, sorghum, etc. So, it is currently a very practical and advanced corn grain processing equipment on the market. Apart from this, the proportion of finished products can be adjusted. Get in touch with us for more details!

Corn grits making machine
corn grits making machine

Features of Corn Grits Grinding Machinary

  • Beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sturdy and durable.
  • The corn grits making machine adopts advanced technology for peeling, obtaining high-quality whole corn kernels after peeling.
  • This small scale corn grinding machine has both wet and dry use, directly peeling without adding water. Also, no water is added in the winter. It is very convenient. 
  • Indicators are on the cabinet, guaranteeing the stable normal operation of the machine.
  • The maize peeling and milling machines can peel maize and make grits at the same time because of two motors.
  • This machine sells well at home and abroad, and the exporting countries are Angola, Zambia, the Philippines, Timor-Leste, etc.

Structure of Corn Grits Making Machine

Actually, the corn grits manufacturing process includes peeling and grits making procedures. Therefore, this small corn peeling and grits grinding machinery has peeling system and grits making system. It has two inlets respectively for raw maize and crushed maize. Also, it has the cyclone, collecting the corn bran. Three kinds of finished products are big maize grits, mini maize grits, maize flour from outside to inside. And two motors are available.

Structure-outlets for finished products
structure-outlets for finished products

Technical Parameters

This type is a new-type maize peeler and grinder machine, different 9FQ hammer mill machine. The capacity is about 400kg per hour. Two motors are available, so the peeling and crushing function can work at the same time. What’s more, the corn grits grinding equipment has the cabinet, easy to operate.

Power 7.5 kW +4kW
Capacity300-400 kg/h
Size1400*2300*1300 mm
Weight680 kg

Finished Products of Maize Grits Making Machine

This machine from Taizy Corn Machine Company finally can get three kinds of products, respectively big maize grits, mini maize grits, and maize flour. It’s shown below:

Finished products
finished products of corn grits making machine

Applicable Scenarios

As it’s industrial corn grits making machine, it can be purchased by farmers, food processing plants. After getting the products, products can be sold in the supermarkets. Or, making food in the food processing plant is for sale.

Applicable scenes
applicable scenes
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