Maize Threshing Machine Exported to Zambia

Maize thresher can not only thresh maize, but also sorghum, soybean, and millet, which is a multifunctional maize thresher. Therefore, it has the advantages of complete functions, excellent quality, and simple operation. This year, we exported a maize threshing machine to Zambia.

Maize threshing machine to zambia
maize threshing machine to Zambia

Why the Zambian Customers Buy Maize Threshing Machine?

The Zambian customer grows a large maize field by himself, so he needs maize-related machines. The main thing he needs now is a maize thresher. Our sales manager, Winnie, sent him photos, videos, parameters, and other information about the machine. After browsing through the machine, the Zambian customer felt that the machine met his needs, so he bought it right away. And we shipped the maize threshing machine to Zambia.

A few months later, he contacted us again to make a repeat purchase. He said he thought our machine worked very well, so he decided to buy it again.

Advantages of Corn Thresher Machine

  1. Full function. It can thresh soybeans, sorghum, corn and wheat.
  2. Easy to operate. Just put the crop to be threshed into the feeder.
  3. High efficiency, stable performance, good quality.
Strength of corn thresher machine to philippines

Working Principle of Maize Thresher

Corn threshing machine mainly consists of screen on the machine cover (i.e. drum), rotor composition, feeding device, frame, and other five parts. When working, corn is fed from the inlet, the seeds are separated from the sieve, the corn cob is discharged from the side of the machine, and corn silk, and peel is discharged from the air outlet. The corn threshing machine should be prepared in advance to avoid accidents.

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