Multifunctional Thresher Machine

This model is multifunctional thresher machine, which can do both husk peeling and corn shelling. What’s more, it can not only process corn, but sorghum, millet, soybeans, and many other crops with similar size and shape. This type mainly has two models, MT-860 and MT-1200, one is smaller and another is bigger. This sheller machine is very popular for in-home use and small-scale farmers.

Multifunctional thresher machine for sorghum, benas, millet, corns
multifunctional thresher machine

Corn sheller machine is a professional machine to thresh the corns, after processing you can get the corn kernels and cobs. Corn is food for people in most countries of the world, so our corn sheller machines are generally welcomed by many countries, especially Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Our company has been engaged in agriculture machine’s manufacture for more than 12 years, we tested a lot and product many types of machines to meet different customers’ demands. These corn threshing machines are distinguished mainly by their output capacities, from 1 ton per hour to 8 tons per hour, for home use or for industrial use, our multifunctional thresher machines will meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent.

Working Video of Threshing Dry Beans, Sorghum, Millet, Corns

Brief Introduction of Multifunctional Sheller

This series includes two models, MT-860 and MT-1200. They have different capacities. The output of MT-860 can reach about 1-1.5ton per hour for corn, MT-1200 is about 3-4tons per hour. They are called multifunctional thresher machines because they apply for different kinds of grains with two functions, peeling and threshing. MT-860 is generally used to process corn, sorghum, millet, soybean, and some grains which have a similar size and appearance with these grains. For MT-1200, it can treat two more crops, paddy rice, and wheat. These two corn shelling machines can handle almost all common agricultural grains with satisfactory effect.

Technical Parameter of Corn Sheller Machines

CapacityFor corn: 2000-4000KG/HFor sorghum: 800-1000KG/HFor millet: 700-900KG/HFor soybean: 800-1000KG/HFor corn: 3000-5000KG/HFor sorghum: 1500-2000KG/HFor millet: 1400-1800KG/HFor soybean: 1500-2000KG/HFor wheat and paddy rice: 1000-1500kg/H
Engine2.2-3kw electric motor170F gasoline engine6HP diesel engine12-15HP diesel engine5.5kw-7.5kw motor

Main Distinction Between MT-860 and MT-1200 Beans Threshing Machine

MT-860 can be matched with a 3kw electric motor, gasoline engine, and 6HP diesel engine, the use of diesel engines can solve the power shortage in remote areas of some countries. Although the diesel engine for this multifunctional thresher machine is more expensive than the gasoline engine, diesel oil is cheaper than petrol in most countries, so you can choose an engine that will save fuel consumption in the subsequent use process.

MT-1200 has a bigger capacity. What’s more, paddy rice and wheat are also available to be processed. Many customers from Southeast Asia need to process soybean, corn, and paddy rice, this machine is a wonderful choice for them.

Characteristics of Multifunctional Thresher Machine for Sale

  1. To process different grains, the machine has different size of sieves. Each tiny single holes on sieves can pass through different sizes of grains, so you can easily process the crops you need by changing sieves.
  2. When processing corn cobs, there’s no necessary to use the embossing roller; but when processing soybean, millet, and sorghum, the users need to install the embossing roller to gain better effect.
Matched sieves
matched sieves

Advantages of Multi Function Corn Thresher

  1. Easy operation. Pour the processed material into the feed port, and you will get the clean kernels and cobs separately from the outlet. The process of changing the screen is also very simple. Open the cover of the machine, located under the roller is the screen. Take out the sieve and pass in the new one.
  2. Multifunctional. Do both peeling and threshing, process 4 kinds of grains, a single multifunctional thresher machine can finish so many work.
  3. Power engine selection diversification. Electric, gasoline, diesel, three power engines can meet the customer’s different power needs.
  4. Easy to move. The machine has four wheels at the bottom for easy movement.
  5. Clean products. There are two siftings at the vibrating screen, they screen the grains twice so can get the clean products.

Successful Case: Multifucntional Thresher Machine Exported to Nigeria

In September 2018, a customer from Nigeria placed an order of a 40ft container of multifunctional thresher machines with diesel engines. This order came from the government tender. Thanks to the high availability and cost performance of our machines, the whole negotiation process was not more than two weeks. After receiving the machine, the customer gave us a high evaluation of our machines and services.

prepare to be packaged


Q: Can the multifunctional thresher machine peel the outside skin of corn?

A: Yes, it can do both peeling and threshing.

Q: Is there any impurity among the final product?

A: Honestly speaking, our machine is not a computer. But the impurity rate is low, only about 1%.

Q: What are the wearing parts of this machine?

A: Sieves and rollers. The user can easily change both two parts.

Q: Which countries have you exported to?

A: Many. Such as the USA, Nigeria, India, Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc.

Q: How long can I get the machine after payment?

A:   We usually deliver the machines within 5 days after receiving your payment. The delivery time by sea or by other transportation will be based on the port of receiving the item.

Q: What payment terms do you support?

A: Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Cash, etc.


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