Taizy maize milling machine helps Indonesian client achieve profits

Recently, we successfully exported a T3 type maize milling machine to Indonesia, with an hourly output of 300-400kg per hour. Our corn grits machine is a preferred choice for corn processing plants as it can deep process corn kernels in one time and get both grits and corn flour.

Maize milling machine for sale
maize milling machine for sale

Indonesian client’s production needs

The customer in Indonesia wanted to purchase an efficient corn grits making and flour milling machine to meet the demand for corn grits and corn flour in their local market. He wants to create more business value by processing corn.

  • Quality requirements: The customer is concerned about product quality and expects to produce grits and cornmeal with high purity, good taste and stable storage to attract and retain consumers.
  • Efficiency and cost control: This customer expects the machine to be characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption to reduce production costs and improve profitability.

Taizy solution for Indonesia

  • High efficiency and multi-function: Taizy maize grits making machine integrates the functions of cleaning, peeling, de-embryoing, crushing, grits making, grading and polishing, wind selection and dust removal, etc. It can complete the process of deep processing of corn in a fast and efficient way.
  • High-quality product output: Through the fine processing of our maize milling machine, he can produce corn grits and corn flour with even grain, smooth and high purity, which can satisfy consumers’ requirements for product quality.
  • Energy-saving and cost-reducing design: Our machine adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption and improves production efficiency at the same time, helping customers to effectively control production costs and improve profitability.
Maize grits milling machine
maize grits milling machine

Application effect and customer feedback about maize milling machine

  • Production efficiency improvement: After the introduction of Taizy maize milling machine, the deep processing capacity of Indonesia’s customers has been greatly improved, and the production cycle has been significantly shortened to meet the market demand.
  • Product quality recognition: By using our corn grits machine, the corn grits and corn flour produced by the customer have been widely praised in the market, and the repurchase rate of consumers has increased significantly.
  • Increasing profitability: Due to the improvement of production efficiency and product quality, the Indonesian customer’s sales and profits have increased and the expected business goals have been achieved.
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