How to choose a corn seeder?

Generally speaking, the corn seeder is for planting corns, at the same time, fertilizing.

The corn planter for sale has multiple rows available, suitable for flat fields. Besides, the machine is mounted with the tractor, 3-linkage suspension. All in all, the corn seeder machine is frequently used for farmers planting. When choosing corn seeder machine, you should be clear about the following things.

corn planter machine

Types of corn planter machines for sale

In Taizy Corn Machine company, we have various corn planters for sale. According to the rows, we classify 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows, etc. The most common is 2 row corn planter, 4 row corn planter. The above needs to be mounted with the tractor, corn seeding and fertilizing by power. Moreover, we provide hand corn planter. Persons operate to plant corns, suitable for hilly, flat, and small fields. After you have a better understanding about the kinds of corn planters for sale, move to the next step.

Plant space

The plant space you want should be clear. As the name implies, plant space refers to the distance between one plant to another plant. Although the plant space can be adjusted, the adjustment should be within a certain range. We all know, that corn is bigger and bigger along with its growth. So, enough space is necessary.

plant space adjusting

Row space

You also attention to the row space. Because the corn seeding and fertilizing are carried out at the same time. They can be done simultaneously but in different ditches. That’s because of avoiding harm to corn seeds.

row space adjusting

Machine practicability

This machine is called as corn planter, but also can plant other grains, such as soybean, wheat. Thus, this corn seeder machine can be one machine for multiple uses. It’s worth purchasing.

In conclusion, if you still have any doubts, please contact us for classifications.

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