4 Row Corn Planter | 4 Row Maize Planter

4 row corn planter, as the name implies, has 4-row fertilizer boxes and seedboxes. Generally speaking, it’s applied to corns sowing, beans sowing, etc. Its fertilizing and seeding works are going on at the same time, but in different ditches. This is because the fertilizer may damage corn seeds. In Taizy corn machine company, we also row of 2, 3, 5, 6, 8. We classify these corn seeder based on the rows. Besides, the tractor is necessary for this kind of corn seed planter. Different corn planters should cooperate with the tractor of the corresponding power. If you have doubts, please get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

4 row corn planter seeder machine
4 row corn seeder machine

Working Process of 4 Row Corn Planter

Great Structure of 4 Row Maize Planter for Sale

Actually, the structure is designed very exquisitely, so that the fertilizing and sowing can be done at the same time. Thus, two boxes are necessary, separately for the fertilizer and corns.

Fertilizer box
fertilizer box
Cornseed box
cornseed box

And the bucket wheel should follow the seedboxes, in order to feed corn seeds. What’s more, there is a design to prevent the grass winding, as shown in the below picture. The black pipe design is to reduce the vibration. Details are as below.

Bucket wheel
bucket wheel
Preventing grass winding
preventing grass winding
Reducing vibration
reducing vibration

Technical Parameter of 2BYSF-4 Corn Planter Machine

Overall dimension(mm)1620*2350*1200
Row spacing(mm)428-570
Plant spacing(mm)140-280
Ditching depth(mm)60-80
Fertilization depth(mm)60-80
Sowing depth(mm)30-50
Capacity of fertilize tank (L)18.75*4
Capacity of seed box(L)8.5*4
Matched power(HP)25-40

Advantages of Corn Seeder

  • This 4 row corn planter adopts the steel material, durability.
  • Long service life. This machine can serve to your fields for more than ten years.
  • Strong seasonality. Because only in the required seasons, this machine works. During other time, it rests.
  • Simple operation. Only put the fertilizer and seeds into the corresponding boxes, it can automatically go on the work.
  • Tractor is imperative. Different from the manual seed planter, this is automatic seeding machine, just one driver is required.
  • Accurate sowing. The single seed or double seeds is sowing accurately. You can choose what you need.
  • Wide applications. This machine is suitable for the seeds similar to corns, such as beans, sorghum, etc.  

Things You May Be Concerned When Purchasing

1. Plant spacing

When you choose one 4 row corn planter, you can adjust the plant spacing within a certain distance. Through adjusting the red handle, get the plant space you want. The plant space is in the range of 140-280mm.

Plant space adjusting
plant space adjusting

2. Row spacing

As the below picture shows, tighten or fasten the handle, in order to adjust the row space. The 4-row maize planter has a row space of 428-570mm.

Row space adjusting
row space adjusting

3. Seed boxes material

Generally, the seed boxes are made of plastic material. Some customers worry about this plastic material. Because you consider, when it’s exposed to the sun for a long time, it may be melt. You want another material, like steel, to manufacture the seedbox. About this, it depends on the actual situation. You can contact our staff to confirm this information.

Package and Shipment of 4 Row Corn Planter

When we pack the corn planter machine, the machine is separated into various parts. We use the iron frame to stack the machine parts together. Plastic parts will be packaged in iron boxes.  

Packaged separately
packaged separately
Stack in the iron frame
stack in the iron frame
3-row corn planter
3-row corn planter
6-row corn planter
6-row corn planter
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