Corn Planter Machine

This is 2BYSF series of corn planter machine. This series mainly includes 6 models, models are distinguished by planting rows. There are 2, 3, 4, 6, 5, 8 rows models. All of the models have same structure, same volume of seed box and fertilizer tank, as the seeding rows grow up, the horse power of tractors also grow up. Our corn seeder machine mainly has two boxes, the yellow one loads fertilizer, the transparent one loads seeds, in addition, they are not able to be exchanged. The connection between machine and tractor is 3-point linkage, the tractor drags the machine to move forward.

Different models with different seeding rows, so they can meet the cultivating needs of different sizes of farmland. This machine is welcomed by many corn planting countries, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Honduras, Middle East, etc..

Technical parameter of 2BYSF models corn planter

Size 1.57*1.3*1.2m1.57*1.7*1.2m1.62*2.35*1.2m1.62*2.75*1.2m1.62*3.35*1.2m1.64*4.6*1.2m
Row spacing428-570mm428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm 428-570mm
Plant spacing140-280mm140-280mm140-280mm140-280mm140-280mm140-280mm
Ditching depth60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm
Fertilization depth60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm
Sowing depth30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm
Capacity of fertilizer tank18.75L x218.75L x318.75L x418.75L x518.75L x618.75L x8
Capacity of seed box 8.5 x 2 8.5 x 38.5 x 48.5 x 58.5 x 68.5 x 8
Matched power12-18hp 15-25hp25-40hp 40-60hp 50-80hp 75-100hp
Linkage3-pointed 3-pointed 3-pointed 3-pointed 3-pointed 3-pointed

How to use the corn planting machine?

  1. Connect the machine to a tractor with fitted horsepower by means of a 3-point linkage.
  2. Before use, check the seeds loading box and pipe for any debris that may cause blockage.
  3. According to the requirements of the operation manual, add lubricating oil on the transmission and rotating parts of the tractor.
  4. Put seeds into the transparent container, put fertilizer into the yellow container.
  5. Adjust the ditching and planting depth according to the demands and specific situation.
  6. When the machine is driven by the tractor and starts to move, the chain on the machine is driven to rotate to realize sowing.  
  7. Observe the running condition of the machine in time, and observe whether the falling frequency is normal.

Advantages of seed planter machine:

  1. Can adapt to a variety of crops sowing. The crops with similar shape to corn seeds or soybeans are all available to be planted.
  2. Two seeds containers load different stuff. Because of the proper distance setting and the construction of the machine,it can do a good job of seeding and fertilizing at the same time.
  3. As the seeds and fertilizer can fall together, our machine is designed to avoid damage to seeds by fertilizers.
  4. 3-point suspension connection is suitable for most of the tractors, farmers don’t need to worry much about whether their tractor is practicable to this series.
  5. Compared with other planters, it prevents grass from entanglement and reduces vibration, and the machine’s row spacing, seeding interval, ditching depth, fertilization depth and sowing depth are all adjustable.

Notice of using the machine

  1. Yellow container loads fertilizer, transparent container loads seeds, the contents of these two containers are not exchangeable.
  2. The machine sows one seed at a time in each hole, except when the seed is very small, two seeds can be planted in one hole.
  3. If the planter doesn’t drop the seeds, then the main reason is that the transmission gear is not engaged, or the square hole of roller is worn, need to be repaired or replaced.

Successful Case of Seed Planter

In November of 2018, a customer from Benin sent inquiry to us about corn sheller and planter machines. A month later he placed order of about 50,000USD of corn planter machine and packing machines. He received the item in March, 2019, and he was satisfied with the machines and our services. Later he traveled to Nigeria, and got some orders from local people, then placed another order from us in June of corn sheller machines. From a buyer for personal use to a small dealer, this customer appreciated us a lot for our kindly help.

corn seeder


  1. Can this machine sowing seeds and fertilizer?

  Yes, it can do seeding and fertilizing at the same time.

  • How many rows can you provide?

  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 rows are provided.

  • How much horse power does the machine need?

  Each model needs different horse power, all listed in the specification form, please have a check.

  • How should I link it to my tractor?

  Don’t worry, we will provide a detailed video showing how to link the machine and the tractor, it’s easy to operate.

  • What kind of packaging of this machine?

  It will be packaged in iron shelf.

  • How long will I receive the machine after paying?

  We usually deliver the item within 3-5 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

  • What kind of after-sale service do you provide?

  Spare parts, field installation, commissioning and training, field maintenance and repair service, video technical support and online support. We are committed to provide you the best machine and the best service.

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