Corn Threshering Gets Rid of Manual and Realizes Mechanical Automation

In this era of advanced technology, corn threshing has also entered full automation. But now only need to harvester the corn from the field back to dry, then threshing. Use the automatic corn thresher to start the threshing, and the efficiency is extremely high. It used to take a month to finish the thresher work, now it can be done in one or two hours. It can be said to be very convenient, and now corn harvesting is also very convenient, there are special corn harvesters, the harvesting speed is much faster than the people, and the efficiency is increased dozens of times.

As the quality of corn seeds is getting higher and higher, the annual corn output is getting higher and higher, so corn threshing is a big problem. If it is manual threshing, it will take longer, so we should use machines to improve efficiency.

58 Small Corn Threshers Were Exported to Nigeria, and Corn Threshing Mechanization Started

This Nigerian customer is from the city of Abuja. He said that the biggest problem after they harvest corn every year is corn threshing. He said that every family planted corn, so corn threshing would waste a lot of their time and also delay a lot of other farm work. In order to get rid of artificial corn threshing, they purchased corn thresher to realize corn threshing mechanization. The farmer who planted a lot of corn bought a corn thresher separately, and the farmers who planted less corn bought a corn thresher together. In total, they bought 58 corn threshers, which just filled a 20GP container.


Two Large Corn Threshers Were Exported to Senegal to Improve Production Efficiency

The customer is in a corn processing business, and he is engaged in corn threshing, corn grits, corn feed, and so on. He said that he was very busy during the corn harvest season and even had to hire a lot of helpers, but the cost was too high and the efficiency was slow, which caused other corn businesses to stay stuck. So the customer decided to buy two large fully automatic corn sheller. The machine conveyor belt feeds, automatic threshing, requires less labor and meets the needs of this customer.


Why Do so Many Customers Choose Us

First of all, we have specialization. We are a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery sold covers all aspects of agricultural development, from sowing, seedling raising, transplanting, management, watering, harvesting, threshing, shelling, rice milling, etc. Our aim is to devote ourselves to the development of global agriculture.

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