Classification of Corn Thresher

Before we know the classification of corn thresher, we need to know the principle of corn thresher machine, and then introduce the types of corn thresher machine, how the maize thresher works, and the manufacturers of corn threshing machine.

The Working Principle of Corn Thresher

The corn is fed from the feed inlet and is impacted by the high-speed rotating rotor and the drum. The corn kernels are separated by the screen holes, and the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine. The corn silk and corn husk are discharged from the tuyere. The threshing efficiency of the machine is determined by the length and diameter of the drum.

The Classification of Corn Sheller Machine

A corn thresher machine is a machine that separates corn kernels and stems. There are many types of corn thresher, which can be classified according to the following standards:

(1) According to the threshing method, it can be divided into rotten cob corn thresher and non-rotten cob corn thresher. The rotten cob corn thresher will crush the corn cobs during threshing, and then separate the corn kernels through procedures such as winnowing. The working principle of the non-rotten cob corn thresher is threshing by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the impact of the drum. It is economical threshing equipment widely used at present. It has many advantages such as small size, lightweight, easy installation, operation, maintenance, and high production efficiency.

(2) According to power, it can be divided into manual corn thresher, electric corn thresher, and mechanical power (such as diesel engine) corn thresher. Manual corn thresher is a simple corn threshing equipment, and it operates by people; electric corn thresher uses electric motor as power, the household 220V power supply can be operated, and it is easy to use, energy-saving and environmental protection. The mechanical power corn thresher is suitable for applications without power supply Local use.

(3) According to the number of inlets, it can be divided into single-tube corn thresher, double-tube corn thresher, four-tube corn thresher, multi-tube corn thresher, etc.

(4) According to the scale, it can be divided into mini corn thresher, small corn thresher, and large corn thresher.

How Does the Corn Threshing Machine Work

Corn Thresher Machine Manufacturer

At present, we sell five types of corn sheller, corn threshing, corn peeling and thresher, multi-function thresher, large capacity maize thresher, and so on. We also have a corn grinding mill machine, the corn after threshing can be made into grits. Please contact us if you have any questions about the corn machine.

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