When is your corn ready to pick (harvest)?

When it comes to the harvest time of corn, there are many factors, such as spring corn and summer corn, varieties, local climate conditions, planting time, etc. Therefore, the optimal harvest time for corn does not have an exact day. Depends on the situation. Maize maturity is generally determined from the external morphological characteristics of corn. When the stems and leaves of maize begin to wither, the bracts of the female ears change from green to yellow and white, and the kernels become hard and shiny, they are considered mature. In fact, there is a gap between the maturity expressed by these external characteristics and the true maturity of corn. Different breeds, different years, and diseases and insect pests will affect the determination of this maturity. 

Corn cob

Many corn planting farmers have their own judgments. For many years of planting experience, they determine whether they are mature based on their appearance and the growth of corn cobs. The specific judgments are as follows.

Corn harvester 2

When is your corn ready to pick?

1. Judging by the color change of the corn stalk and leaves, mature corn, stalks and leaves will turn yellow, which is well understood and everyone knows.

2. Judging by the corn shavings, the mature corns will be black and look burned.

3. Judging by the color of the leaves outside the corn cob, the color of the immature corn leaves is green, and the color of the mature corns is yellow.

4. Judging by the corn kernels, you can see that the corn kernels are shiny and have a shiny feeling by cutting off the leaves on the outside of the corn cobs. The corn is ripe.

Corn harvest

Corn harvesting

It is easy for everyone to judge the above 4 points, because they can be seen with the naked eye and can be felt by themselves. In addition, please remind again that corn is not harvested too early or too late. If it is too early, corn is not completely Mature, lighter grain weight will affect the final yield. If it is too late, one may be lost, and the other may have a lodging phenomenon, affecting the quality of corn.

In summary, regarding the harvest time of corn, after reading it, I believe that there will be their own judgments. It is determined by many factors and is not an exact fixed time. I hope that farmers can have this year A good harvest. What’s more, we are professional agricultural machinery manufacturer, we produce many corn processing machines including corn harvester machine. There are single row manual one and 2 rows, 3 rows, and 4 rows one. Welcome to check our website to get more information.

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