Corn Sheller machine | Corn Peeler

This model corn sheller machine is a professional machine for processing corn. Farmers only need to put the corn with husk into the feeding hole, and the husk will be removed automatically, then falls out from one side of the machine; the corn without husk will drop into the threshing hole automatically and be processed by the second step–shelling. Inside the machine, there are rollers and sieves. You can easily see from the video that the output corn kernels are complete and clean.

corn peeler and sheller machine

The corn peeler machine can do both peeling husk and shelling the kernels, so it saves much labor for farmers. It has a small and portable volume for home use, so this corn thresher machine has been welcomed by many small scales of farmers for many years.

Working Video of Maize Peeler and Thresher Machine

Corn Sheller Machine Design

SL-AB model corn cob thresher machine includes feed inlet, outlet of corn husk, outside of corn cob, inlet of corn threshing, outlet of corn seeds. The material of the maize sheller machine is made of carbon steel, the inner roller is cast iron. Beside, 4 moderately sized of wheels are installed under the machine, which helps a lot to move the machine at will. A shelf at the side of the machine which is used to hold engines, triangular shelf improves the stability of the engine’s installation.

structure of corn sheller machine

Technical Parameters of Small Maize Sheller Machine

This corn sheller machine can use three power devices, solving the problems of shortage of electricity. And this capacity is suitable for home use.

Power2.2kw, 170F gasoline engine, diesel engine

Advantages of Corn Sheller Equipment

  1. The husk and cob of the corn can go outlet separately by this corn sheller machine, then you can get the different parts of corn for different further using. Cob can be crushed into powder as animal feed, husk can also be crushed for animal feeding, or used as woven handicraft, or pillow stuffing.
  2. Thanks to the high-speed and uniform screens’ vibrating of the machine, Corn kernels are complete from the outlet, and with little impurity.
  3. Four wheels used for moving the machine more conveniently, what’s more, we accept the customization from customer, if you need special sizes of the wheels.
  4. Three kinds of engines are all available, which can make sure that the remote area which lacks of electricity will also be able to use the machine.
  5. Portable volume but with high output efficiency. The machine’s volume is no more than 1CBM, but can process 1-1.5ton corn per hour.

Successful Case of Corn Peeler Machine

 In December 2018, one customer from British ordered one set of corn peeler and sheller machines as a sample. In March of this year, this customer came back to us and ordered 20 sets of corn sheller machines and a 2 rows corn harvester machine for his client. He’s very satisfied with our machine performance and would like to place further orders for African government purchasing in the future.


Q: What’s the material of this corn sheller machine?

A: Carbon steel. Compared to normal steel, this type of material is not easy to get rust. Compared to stainless steel, carbon steel is much cheaper and lighter.

Q: What’s the shelling rate?

A: Less than 3%.

Q: Is this machine also available for processing fresh corn?

A:  No. But we have another machine that can professionally process fresh or sweet corn. It’s stainless steel machine and also with good efficiency.

Q: Which countries have you exported to?

A: Many. Such as the British, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

Q: How long can I get the machine after payment?

A:  We usually deliver the machines within 5 days after receiving your payment. The delivery time by sea or by other transportation will be based on the port of receiving the item.

Q: What payment terms do you support?

A: Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Cash, etc.

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