2 Rows Corn Harvester Machine

This type of corn harvester machine has 2 rows of harvesting cutting heads. Because of reasonable price and automatically cutting and harvesting function, this 2 rows corn harvester machine is the most hot-sale type of our machines. The whole working process includes cutting and crushing the maize stalk, picking and peeling the corn cobs into the recycling box, opening the recycling box, get the good corn finally. Also, people can sit into the machine, and drive the machine to begin to work, ultimately getting corn without husker. Besides, corn stalk was crushed and returned to the field as new natural organic fertilizer for farmland. All in all, the whole process is simple and easy to learn.

2 rows corn harvester machine
2 rows corn harvester machine

Working Video of Corn Cutter Machine    

  1. The engine drives the 2 rows corn harvester machine to go forward, and after simple operation, turn on the knife chain on the cutting head, and cut the maize stalks.
  2. The stalks that touch the knife chain are cut up from bottom to the top and then left directly into the field.
  3. The corn cob is harvested and loaded into the recycling box, before that, it has been peeled skin husk automatically.
  4. When the recycling bin is full, the machine uses hydraulic principles to lift the bin and dump the harvested corn.

Technical Parameters of Corn Picker for Sale


Self-propelled Corn Harvester Machine


Engine Model


Water-cooling, four stroke



Rated Power


Rated Speed










Cutting Width


Maximum Picking Height



Walking Radius

Left-handed rotation


Right-handed rotation


Theoretical Operating Speed




Fuel Consumption

Less than 25kg/hm2

Peeling Roller

Spiral rubber roller

Peeling Device

8 peeling roller

Shaft Distance


Width of Straw Returning to the Field


Wheel Distance

Front wheel (1200mm)

Back wheel (1300mm)

Advantages of Corn Maize Harvester Machine

  1. The crushed maize straw is returned into the filed directly, so that the maize straw can be taken from the field, use in the field, to achieve the purposes of enriching the soil fertility, improving soil quality, turning “waste” into treasure, and protecting the environment.
  2. Harvested corn cobs fall into the recycling bin naturally, with little damage to the cobs.
  3. The outside husk of corn can be peeled by 8 spiral rubber rollers inside of the machine, so it saves farmers labor to a great extent. Therefore, the farmers don’t need to buy another corn peeling machine to do this job.  
  4. People can sit into the operating room, it provides a convenient and comfortable working environment.

Successful Case of Corn Harvesting

At the beginning of this year, a customer from Pakistan sent an inquiry to us about 2 rows corn harvester machine. After about 3 months of negotiating, in March, he purchased 2 sets of the corn cutter machine. 2 sets of this machine were loaded in a 40ft container. But after receiving the item, the customer was confused about the usage of this machine. So our sales clerk provided the instruction book and the working video to this customer immediately. After all this, the customer gave us very good feedback on both machine and the service of us.

2 sets of corn harvester
2 sets of corn harvester


Q: Can this 2 rows corn harvester machine peel the outside skin of corn?

A:  Yes, it can peel the corns with 8 spiral rubber rollers.

Q: Where is the corn straw after harvesting?

A: They will return to the field after being crushed by blades in the bottom of the machine.

Q: Is the height of stubble adjustable?

A: Yes, it’s adjustable in a short distance.

Q: How to package and deliver the machine?

A: One machine needs a 40HQ container. In addition, two sets also can be loaded in one 40HQ container.

Q: What countries have you exported to?

A: Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, etc.

Q: How long can I receive the item after paying?

A: We usually deliver the machines within 14 days after receiving your payment. The delivery time by sea or by other transportation will be based on the port of receiving the item, thus it’s flexible.

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