72 sets hammer mill machines sold to Nigeria

Hammer Mill Machine

Hammer mill machine is a crushing machine for corn, corn cob, potato slice or even breadfruit of Africa. It has hammers to crush the material into fine flour, which can be used as animal feed or industrial use. We have different models of hammer mill machine with different capacities and sizes to satisfy varieties demands of customers. After years of practice, our design is very suitable for the use of consumers. Because its satisfactory effect and variety models can be chosen, it’s popular with farmers from Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

Build trust

In the summer of this year, a customer from Nigeria wanted to order hammer mill machines for government purchase. Only after 2 days negotiation, he decided to buy 72 sets of 9FQ-500 hammer mill machines from us and sent us deposit. Actually, at first he didn’t trust us so much. After all, it was only two days and we didn’t know much about each other. But we have cooperated with people from Nigeria for more than 5 years, our boss also goes to Nigeria at least two times a year, we sent many pictures of our factory and photos with customers. Then we built good relationship with him in short time.

Customers demands

This customer needed to simply customize this batch of machines, and we could perfectly meet his needs. In addition, that time was the buying season of Nigeria. He didn’t only buy these hammer mill machines from China, but also 4 other 40ft containers loading other products. However, there was no enough place for some of his item to load in, so he wanted to sent the item to us and asked us to help him load the cargo into the container. We agreed with that without hesitate, which increased his regard for us.
He was also satisfied with our prompt reply about every single questions of the machine, because to a business man, his time is very precious, our quick and professional answers are very important.

Another order

We spent about three weeks to complete the producing. After producing, we sent him many photos and videos of this batch of machines. During this period, our sales clerk also negotiated with him about our pellet mill machine. Our machine has reasonable price, good efficiency and rugged material, which is very suitable for Nigeria market. So in September, he ordered 10 sets of feed pellet machines from us again.

Nigeria and us

From the very beginning of our company in 2011 to the present, we have maintained close contact with the African market. The people in Nigeria, in particular, are the ones we’ve been working with for more than five years. Nowadays, Nigeria’s agricultural economy is growing rapidly and our machines are well suited to their local market. We have joined in Nigeria Agriculture Machine Fair for many times, and our boss goes to Nigeria for communicating and cooperating at least 2 times a year. All in all, we are very familiar with Nigeria, you can rest assured of the quality of our machines and the service of our staff. Hope to reach more cooperation with the Nigerian people in the future.

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