55 sets multifunctional thresher machine sold to Nigeria

Multifunctional thresher machine, is a sheller machine which can produce 4 kinds of grains. Corn, soybean, millet, and sorghum are all available to be processed. The sheller machine threshes different grains by changing the inside sieves. Sieves have different sizes of holes, so actually it can process the grains with the similar size of corn, soybean, millet and sorghum. Its capacity can reach about 2-4t per hour to process corn. Thus it’s a small but very efficient machine.

We provide 3 kinds of engines to match with this machine. Electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine. These engines solve the problem that some remote area doesn’t have enough electricity provide. The machine also has 4 wheels which can be moved easily.

Because this machine is very practical and cheap, it’s welcomed a lot by many customers from Africa, Southeast Asia and especially countries like Peru, Nigeria, Togo, Zimbabwe, Philippine. We have sold more than 1000 sets of this multifunctional thresher machine to Africa since we exported machines.

55 sets multifunctional thresher machine sold to Nigeria

This order happened just two weeks ago. In the early time of this month, a customer from Nigeria sent inquiry to us about multifunctional thresher machine. He had asked many suppliers in China, so the competition was very fierce. He knew the machine a lot but was just wondering a more competitive price. So we quoted our best price directly and showed him our company’s past cooperation with Nigeria.

Fortunately, this customer was very happy to see our photos of our boss and Nigeria people. We showed him a lot and made a video call with him. Video chat quickly increased our trust in each other. Hence, the customer decided quickly and placed the order after 5 days he contacted us.

Now we have received his complete payment and his machines are being produced. We expect that we will be able to complete all production and packaging work and ship in 5 days.

Why did this customer choose us so quickly?

  1. Nigeria is a very special country that we usually cooperate with. Our boss values any cooperation we have with this country, Nigeria. Because we understand the current state of economic development in Nigeria, we also understand the needs of local farmers’ friends.
  2. Our boss goes to Nigeria at least two times a year. He will meet and talk with our old local customers and ask them about the needs of Nigeria now. He even arranges our engineers to make product design changes at any time. In order to make our machines more humane and cost-effective.
  3. We received a lot of good feedback from our customers. Some of them are small farmers, some of them are dealers, some of them work with local government. These customers rarely feel uncomfortable after receiving our machine. Even some old customers have been working with our company for five years and have never changed suppliers.
  4. We provide a complete service system, whether before or after sale, you will feel God-like treatment.

If interested in our multifunction thresher machine, check and welcome to send an inquiry to us.

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