What size corn planter do I need?

What is a corn planter? Corn planter is a seed planting machine, which mainly plants corn seeds or soybean (because they have similar size and shape) into the soil. Corn planter is also called corn planter or seed planter machine. Corn planter usually has many planting rows to fits different plant areas. The corn planter has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable line spacing, good soil coverage, seed saving, and high work efficiency. The corn planter needs a tractor to drag it and move forward in the field. So a fitted power of tractor will be efficient for a corn planter. Then what size corn planter do you need? How to choose a suitable corn planter machine? Read on for some useful information.

Corn seed planter
corn seed planter

Choose according to specific planting conditions

Planting conditions include the types of corn grown, their own level of mechanical skills, and the models of existing tractors.

1. Some varieties of corn require a single-corn planter, while others require a multiple-corn planter.

2. Mechanical level refers to your own ability to control and maintain the corn planter. If you choose a corn planter that is too complicated, it will often cause a lot of trouble during the application and maintenance process. Therefore, we should choose some corn planters with simple structure, easy operation and control, and affordable and durable.

3. Existing tractor models will also limit the choice of corn corn planters to some extent. In most cases, the more rows the corn planter has, the greater the horsepower required by the engine, which is the more powerful tractor. Therefore, we generally recommend that you purchase a planter of the appropriate size according to your personal circumstances. 

Considering the natural conditions of the land

The size of the planting area will also have an impact on the use of corn corn planters. When you use the corn planter in a small area, the path the corn planter travels in the field is very short, which causes some difficulties in operation. At the same time, it will increase the labor intensity of farmers and cause a certain degree of waste on the use of seeds. Therefore, according to the specific conditions of the land, a suitable corn planter should be selected to reduce labor intensity, improve seeding efficiency and emergence rate. 

Our corn planter   

    Our corn planter has models with planting rows from 2 rows to 8 rows. The tractors that can match with our planter machine have horsepower from 12HP to 100HP. It has two bins, the yellow bin loads fertilizer, the transparent bin loads corn seeds. So our corn planter can plant both fertilizer and corn seeds. Customers can choose one suitable model according to their demands.

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