Gasoline-powered 1-1.5t/h thresher machine sold to Ghana

As an agricultural machinery supplier, we recently helped a Ghanaian customer purchase a gasoline-model multifunctional thresher machine. This customer has an agent in China and owns a company in Ghana that specializes in agricultural machinery.

The customer learned about our multifunctional thresher through his agent and was interested in its efficiency and reliability. Our sales team actively communicated with the customer to understand his needs, gave him professional advice and support, and finally succeeded in supplying him with a gasoline model multifunctional threshing machine.

Why choose Taizy’s multifunctional thresher machine?

This multifunctional threshing machine has multiple functions and can do the work of threshing and cleaning at the same time. It uses a highly efficient gasoline engine, which not only has a fast and efficient working speed but also is easy to operate and maintain. The customer is very satisfied with the performance of the multifunctional thresher machine and has recommended it to his end customers, including many farmers and cooperatives.

What benefits did the Ghanaian customer get from the multifunctional threshing machine?

With our support, the customer has expanded his business and won more customers in the Ghanaian market. Our multifunctional thresher not only increased the productivity and profitability of the customer but also made a positive contribution to the production level and economic development of local farmers.

Machine PI for Ghana

Multifunctional thresher machine pi for ghana
multifunctional thresher machine PI for Ghana
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