Thousands of corn thresher machines exported to the Philippines

This corn thresher is essentially a multifunctional thresher. It can not only thresh corn but also thresh sorghum, millet, and soybean. And the corn thresher for sale is to all over the world, so our corn thresher machines are sold at home and abroad, such as the Philippines, Zimbabwe, India, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.

Corn thresher machine
corn thresher machine

Domestic corn cultivation in the Philippines

In Philippine agriculture, corn is the second most important crop in the Philippines. Different businesses in the corn value chain employ 600,000 farmers. As of 2012, the corn planted area was approximately 2.594 billion hectares with a total production of 7.408 million metric tons (MMT).

Since the introduction of GM maize in the Philippines in 2003, the acreage has grown steadily. The acreage of genetically modified corn in the Philippines this year increased by 26% year-on-year to 830,000 hectares, indicating that the country’s acceptance and understanding of biotechnology continue to increase.

Therefore, the price of corn thresher is very advantageous in the Philippines.

Case profile of maize sheller

This is a government partnership project. Our sales manager Lena answered all the queries from Filipino customers. At the beginning of the inquiry, the client indicated that he would buy thousands of corn threshers for agricultural cooperation in their country. Lena immediately answered the Filipino customer’s question with great enthusiasm. After sending the relevant video and pictures to the customer, the customer is very satisfied. Then slowly confirmed the various details of the contract, such as deposit, delivery date, seaport and so on. After one-by-one confirmation, the two parties signed the contract. In the end, we delivered the corn thresher machine to the Philippines within the stipulated time.

load in the container

Why us is the top choice for Philippines customer?

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we have the great advantages of being the top choice for the customers.

  1. Famous brand. Our Taizy Agro Machine CO., Ltd is a famous company in the world, and when you search the agricultural machines, you will find our companies.
  2. Rich experiences. We have rich experiences in trading overseas because we have been in the trade worldwide for many years, such as exporting corn thresher machine to the Philippines.
  3. Professional staff. Our sales managers are very familiar with the agro machines, so they can provide the best solutions to your agriculture needs.
Strength of corn thresher machine to philippines

How does a corn thresher work?

When you get the corn thresher machine in the Philippines, you should understand how the corn skin peeler and thresher machine work.

  1. Check whether every part is safe or not.
  2. Start the machine, and put the corn into the inlet.
  3. The corn kernels and corn kobs come out from the corresponding outlet. The impurities are blown out by the air cleaner.
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