Sweet corn sheller machine sold to Morocco

Sweet corn is a kind of corn, also known as vegetable corn or a fruit corn. Sweet corn is one of the main vegetables in developed countries such as Europe, America, Korea and Japan. Because of its rich nutrition, and sweet, fresh, crisp and tender characteristics, it is favored by consumers all over the world. Sweet corn is rich in nutrition and high in edible value, and is widely used as nutritious food in the world today.

Sweet corn sheller machine, as its name means, it’s a sheller machine which professionally shells sweet corn’s kernel. It can remove the kernels from sweet corn, fresh corn, baby corn, waxy corn, frozen corn and so on. Because it’s able to eat the kernels directly, so the machine’s parts that contact the raw material is made of quality stainless steel. Besides, there are 4 wheels under the machine which can help users move the machine flexibly. Sweet corn sheller machine is a small but very efficient machine, and has been welcomed by many customers from Morocco, India, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa and so on.

Agriculture of Morocco

Morocco’s economic aggregate ranks sixth in Africa and North Africa ranks third. The agricultural population of Morocco accounts for 50% of the country’s total population, and 9.226 million hectares of arable land. Agricultural output value accounts for 20% of GDP and agricultural product exports account for 30% of total export revenue. The main crops are wheat, barley, corn, fruits, and vegetables. 

In recent years, the European market has had a great demand for sweet corn. They import large quantities of sweet corn from all over the world. Morocco is also one of its suppliers, with sweet corn in short supply. 

Sweet corn sheller machine sold to Morocco

In November of 2019, a customer from Morocco sent inquiry to us about sweet corn sheller machine. After two weeks of negotiation, he purchased 5 sets of sweet corn sheller machine. This was the third order from Morocco of the second half of 2019. Thus we could see that the demands of sweet corn sheller machine was huge in Morocco.

We can provide corn sheller machines with high quality. This type can specially process sweet corn, and there are two models. One has conveyor, another doesn’t. The one with a conveyor can feed in the sweet corn one by one automatically, which improves the efficiency and saves human labor.

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