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Sweet corn sheller machine separates the sweet corn kernels from the stalks. Suitable for food processing plants with rapid freezing and corn cannery manufacturers. In fact, it’s corn sheller. It can process sweet corn, fresh corn, baby corn, waxy corn, and so on. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and has two wheels to improve movement convenience. It also uses a frequency converter to control the speed, the operation is very simple. We provide 2 types, one with conveyor another without. In recent years, it has been welcomed by customers from Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Russia, etc.

sweet corn sheller

Video about Sweet Corn Sheller

Technical Parameter of Sweet Corn Sheller for Sale

ModelSL-268SL-368 (with conveyor)
Picture Fresh corn sheller without conveyor Sweet corn sheller with conveyor
Weight100KG110 KG
Voltage220V,1 phase220V,1 phase

Operation of Sweet Corn Peeler Machine

  1. The one without conveyor. User needs to put corn into the inlet one by one, the sweet corn sheller machine cuts the kernels in a loop from the cob and the kernels will fall off from the outlet intact.
  2. The one with conveyor, user can put the corn onto the conveyor one by one, the conveyor will transfer the corns into threshing chamber automatically.
  3. Using frequency converter to control the speed, the threshing chamber separates the sweet corn kernels and stalks, and the threshing depth can be adjusted.
sweet corn thresher with conveyor

Advantages of Sweet Corn Thresher machine

  1. The total machine is made in stainless steel, with no rust, and no need to sharpen the knife frequently, beautiful and durable.
  2. It’s convenient to feed into material, the machine can be matched with conveyor or not, the feed inlet can be automatic with high efficiency, which can save human labor.
  3. With high threshing rate, the sweet corn sheller machine’s feed inlet is adjustable according to the size of corn cob, and the threshing depth can also be adjusted.
  4. Can adapt to the treatment of various raw materials. Sweet corn, fresh corn, waxy corn, baby corn, and frozen corn are all available to be processed.
  5. It is not only suitable for factory to cooperate with assembly line production, but also suitable for family workshop processing.
  6. With small volume but big capacity and high efficiency.  

Successful Case of Sweet Corn Sheller Machine

In April this year, a customer from Morocco sent an inquiry to us about the sweet corn thresher. In May, he ordered one set machine as a sample first. After receiving the machine, he was very satisfied with our machine and service, later in July, he ordered another 20 sets of sweet corm machines for his and his friends’ food processing industry. He and his friends are all satisfied with our machines and would like to come to China to visit our factory next year. We are very much looking forward to their coming.

machines display-sweet corn sheller


1. Can this sweet corn sheller peel the husk of corn?

No, it cannot.

2. Can I choose to purchase the machine with a conveyor or not?

Yes, we can provide the one you like.

3. What’s the threshing rate of the machine?

More than 99%.

4. What’s engine power does the machine use?

2.2kw electric motor.

5. What’s the material of this machine?

SUS 304 stainless steel.

6. How long can I receive the item after paying?

We usually deliver the item within 3-5 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

7. What kind of packaging do you provide?

Non-fumigation wooden case.

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