400-600kg/h small grain thresher sold to the USA

Good news to Taizy! One client from the USA bought a small grain thresher from us for his own use. This customer embarked on a journey to enhance their agriculture. Specializing in wheat and barley farming, he found the right choice in the SL-50 small grain thresher machine. With a latitude of 47 degrees north and a climate unsuitable for rice and millet, this customer needed a solution tailored to their specific crop and scale of operation.

Small grain thresher
small grain thresher

Customized small grain thresher for small-scale threshing

Recognizing the importance of choosing the right-sized machine, this American customer saw the SL-50 as the ideal choice. Their farm covers approximately one hectare and this small thresher fits their requirements perfectly. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, the SL-50 ensures that the threshing process is carried out smoothly and optimally, even in a small farm space.

Taizy grain thresher’s advantages

With its compact design and powerful features, the small grain thresher presents a great impact in its threshing of wheat and barley. Not only is it highly efficient, but it also threshes dry ice with high grain integrity, making it an indispensable wheat thresher machine.

Machine list for the USA

Wheat and rice thresherGrain Thresher
with tyres and handles
Model: TZ-50             
Capacity: 400-600kg/h
Power:7.5HP gasoline engine
Net Weight:75KG
1 pc
grain thresher parameters
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