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Rice wheat thresher functions to thresh the crops into required seeds. Such as paddy rice, millet, corns, sorghum, beans, rapeseed, etc. This 5TD-50 is a small wheat thresher, driven by the gasoline engine, diesel engine, or electric engine. It’s a multi crop thresher for small farms. Besides, this paddy wheat thresher adopts a combined operation of threshing, winnowing, and screening. Thus, the wheat thresher can remove and separate wheat kernels, wheat straw, wheat bran, and wheat miscellaneous at one time. What’s more, the wheat thresher price differs based on the power system and different configurations. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Thresher for rice and wheat
rice wheat thresher

Features of Rice Wheat Thresher for Sale

  • This rice and wheat thresher has the reasonable structure, simple operation, super quality.
  • High threshing rate, low loss rate and low energy consumption.
  • Multi-functions. It can shell the paddy rice, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, rapeseed, also corns. That is to say, this rice thresher can be used as maize sheller.
  • Complete ancillary facilities. You can collocate wheels, frame, trolley based on your own demands, like trolley type rice and wheat thresher machine.
  • Optional power devices. The electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine are available. It’s very friendly to areas where the power lacks.

Structure of Rice Wheat Thresher

It has the very simple structure, easy to understand. There are several parts, including inlet, outlet, fan, power device, impurities outlet. This paddy thresher has advantage of saving labor and material sources, shortening the harvesting period.  

Parameters of Wheat Thresher

This rice wheat thresher is classified according to the threshing roller length. The power is various, applicable to wheat and rice-producing areas in the rural areas, plains, mid-level mountains, and hills. The capacity is around 500kg per hour. What’s more, the small wheat threshing machine for sales has the lightweight. Because of the wheels, it’s easy to move. If you learn more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Power6-8HP diesel engine, 2.2-3kW electric motor, 170F gasoline engine 
Blade on roller6pcs

Differences between Old and New Threshers for Rice, Wheat

As a reliable and professional wheat thresher manufacturer, the parts and function of thresher continuously update along with customers’ demands.

  1. Changes in rice thresher machine design. The fan location is different. The fan of the old rice thresher is up while that of the new paddy thresher is down.
  2. Rice wheat thresher uses and functions. The new mini wheat thresher machine adds the function of shelling corns.
  3. Sieve usage. The new wheat thresher has no need to replace the corresponding sieve to thresh. But another one needs to change on the basis of the crops.

Packing and Shipping of Rice Wheat Thresher

Because we’re integrated manufacturing and supplying, the mini paddy thresher price is competitive. Our paddy wheat machine is in stock. Also, we always pack the paddy wheat thresher into the wooden case, avoiding damage during the shipping. Looking forward to your inquiries, we’ll get back to you very soon!

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