Corn Sheller Machine for Sale

This model of corn sheller machine has a capacity of about 20-30tons per hour. It’s a big machine for middle or large scale of farms to thresh corn. This corn thresher machine separates the kernels and cobs with high efficiency. Because of its big output, it’s better to pair this machine with an excavator or a forklift to achieve a certain rate of feeding. Although the machine looks very large and rough, the threshing effect is actually very satisfying. The total loss rate is less than 1%, the breakage rate is less than 3%, impurity rate is less than 2%. In recent years, this machine is widely welcomed by many African countries. We just sold 1 set to Madagascar last month.

Video of Corn Sheller Machine

Corn Sheller Structure Introduction

  1. There is a conveyor lifter at the outlet, which can transfer the corn kernels to the tractor or collector directly and automatically.
  2. Inside of the machine, it has one single roller and one fan, which can ensure the kernels can be threshed completely and with little impurity.
  3. There is a shelf to hold the engine.
  4. The machine has 4 wheels and a drag towbar which makes it easy to move the machine with a tractor.
Corn sheller machine design
corn sheller machine design

Main Features of Corn Sheller Machine

  1. The machine is available to process corn without husk or with little husk. It doesn’t have peeling function.
  2. Both electric motor and diesel engine is suitable for this machine, it solves the problem that the remote area lacking of electricity.
  3. Both dry corn and wet corn are available to process.
  4. The feed inlet is very big to accommodate the large volume of feed requirements.
  5. The threshing rate can reach about more than 98.5%, which can output very clean corn cobs without kernels on it.
  6. It has reasonable structure and is very easy to learn how to operate.

Technical Parameter of Corn Sheller Machine

It has a large capacity for threshing corns and high efficiency. It’s good helper for the medium and large scale farms.

power40 hp engine or 15kw motor
Capacity20-30 T /h
Weight3200 kg
Size4.3*1.8*3.2 m
Total loss rate≦ 1%
No threshing rate ≦ 1.5%
Breakage rate≦ 3%
Impurity rate≦ 2%

Successful Case of Corn Thresher Machine to Madagascar

In July, a customer from Madagascar sent an inquiry to us about the corn planter machine. He has a huge scale of corn planting field, about 1500ha, to plant corn. When harvesting season comes, there is a huge quantity of corn that needs to be processed. So he needed very big capacity machines. After negotiating with him for about 2 months, this customer decided to purchase corn thresher machines and planter machines from us. In October, he ordered two full containers to load 8 rows of corn planters and this 20-30tons per hour corn sheller machine. Although the customer cannot speak English very well, he speaks French, our sales clerk still chat with him freely and provide wonderful service to him. The customer wanted to visit us next year and we are very looking forward to his coming.


1. Can this machine remove the husk of corn?

No, it cannot.

2. What engines does this machine need?

Electric motor and diesel engine are both ok.

3. How do you deliver this machine?

In a full 20ft container by sea.

4. How many workers are needed to operate this machine?

Two workers are needed. One controls the excavator or forklift, another needs to check if the sheller works well.

5. How long can I receive the item after paying?

We usually deliver the item within 10-20 days, the delivery time by sea will depend on the shipping port of you.

6. What if I don’t know how to install or use this machine after receiving it?

Don’t worry. We will provide complete and detailed installation and manual video to you to promise you can totally use the machine.

7. What kind of payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc..

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