2 40ft containers of corn harvester machine


Corn harvester is a harvesting machine which cuts and collects corn into the recycling box. We have single row and two rows of corn harvester machines. With good efficiency, easy operation and reasonable price, this machine is welcomed by customers from Pakistan, Indonesia, Peru, Ghana, Mexico, etc.. The machine’s size allows it to work in the field more flexibly than larger machines, and it has a modest price that most farmers can afford.

First 40HQ

In beginning of this year, a customer from Pakistan sent inquiry to us about 2 rows corn harvester machine. After less than a month negotiation, he purchased 2 sets of corn harvester from us.

After receiving the machine in May, this customer asked us for specific instructions on how to operate the machine. We provided manual book immediately and sent him a complete operating video. Delightedly, the customer was satisfied about our quick solution and prompt service. He called us and promised verbally that he would buy another machine if it worked well, because in Pakistan this kind of machine with moderate price and size is popular with farmers.

Second 40HQ

In July, he contacted our sales clerk again. We received a very good news that this customer would like to carry out his promise. He paid for another set of corn harvester machine for his client in Pakistan. One set of machine also needs a 40HQ to load. The following are loading pictures taken inside of the container. We appreciate this customer for his trust and support, we are also willing to provide technical support for the use of machine as always.

Why do you choose us?

  1. One machine realizes 3 functions. Peeling husk of corn, collecting corn, and crushing corn stalk then returning it into field directly. Our machine can save your time and labor, also help you protect the nutrient of soil. You don’t need to worry about how to deal with the husk and stalk anymore.
  2. Highly automated machine at an attractive price. From collecting to unloading the corns, the whole process only needs people to sit in the cab and press a few buttons. This is a highly automated machine. About the price, it’s much cheaper than the bigger 3 rows and 4 rows combined harvester. Compared with smaller harvester it has more comfortable operating environment and higher efficiency.
  3. We have been in designing and manufacturing corn processing machines for more than 8 years. We have professional engineer teams to help you solve any problems you may meet during using. Moreover, after you buy our machine, we can provide spare parts for free, you only need to bare the charges of transportation.

Welcome to click following link to get more information of our 2 rows corn harvester.

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