MT-860 multifunctional grain thresher shipped to United Kingdom

Good news! one client from the UK purchased a diesel-engined multifunctional grain thresher. Taizy’s multifunctional threshing machine is equipment that can thresh a wide range of grains, including corn, soybeans, millet, and sorghum. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us!

Basic information to the UK client

This customer wants to thresh corn and millet, and possibly soybeans and wants to purchase a machine to achieve the above functions. In addition, this customer has his own agent in Foshan.

Questions raised by the UK client about the multifunctional grain thresher

Multifunctional grain thresher
multifunctional grain thresher

1. Is this thresher machine suitable for corn, soybeans, millet & sorghum?

Yes, it is. It’s a multifunctional thresher machine. And the matched screen is required.

2. How about the 6t/h corn sheller machine?

This kind of sheller machine is only for corn, not for millet and soybean.

3. Another type of multifunctional thresher with big tyres and supports, what’s the price?

This type with the diesel engine has a much higher price than MT-860, the price is USD2540. It depends on you.

In addition, our sales manager organized the three machines that this British customer asked about into a document for the customer’s easy reference & selection.

Machines parameters for the UK client

Multifunctional thresherMultifunctional Thresher Machine
Model: MT-860
Power: 8hp diesel engine
Capacity: 1.5–2t/h
1 set

Note: Because the total cost of this diesel-powered multi-purpose thresher is under $1,000, this customer chose to pay in full by TT or credit card.

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