MT-860 multifunctional corn threshing machine sold to Burundi

In April 2023, we received a customer from Burundi, who was interested in our multifunctional corn threshing machine and found an agent in Foshan to complete the procedure of paying RMB.

Demands of the client from Burundi

The customer is a farmer from Burundi who grows corn and other major crops in the area. He wanted to improve his productivity and profitability, so he was interested in our multifunctional threshing machine.

Successful delivery of the multifunctional corn threshing machine to the customer’s agent

We delivered a highly efficient multifunctional threshing machine with advanced technology and design, which can efficiently perform tasks such as threshing and scavenging, greatly improving our client’s productivity and efficiency.

Multifunctional thresher machine package
multifunctional thresher machine package

Alao, we package the multifunctional thresher machine into wooden cases for safe delivery during shipment.

Machine list for Burundi

Multifunctional thresher machine pi
multifunctional thresher machine PI
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