Multifunctional corn thresher machine sold to Ghana

Good news to Taizy! In June 2023, one client from Ghana bought the multifunctional corn thresher machine and grinder machine for his business.

Taizy agricultural equipment is often exported abroad and is well known in the international market as a lifting representative in the field of agriculture. If you are interested in agricultural machinery, welcome to contact us and let us help you achieve greater success in the competitive market.

Background of the client from Ghana

This customer, a foreign distributor, has his own sales company for selling various agricultural machinery and looking for all kinds of machines that his customers need. This time he is looking for the multifunctional corn thresher machine and grinder machine for his business, and sent inquiry to us.

Why buy a multifunctional corn thresher machine & grinder machine?

Multifunctional thresher and milling machine are high-quality agricultural machinery with a wide range of functions and applications. The multifunctional thresher can efficiently thresh various crops, while the grinder can grind grains into powder to meet the needs of different customers.

It was because of the quality of the machines that this Ghanaian customer chose to buy from us. Moreover, he had his own agent and made full payments through him. This type of cooperation provides him with a more convenient way of transaction and ensures a safe and smooth transaction.

Machine list for Ghana

Corn machine pi for ghana
Corn Machine Pi For Ghana
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