Electric motor multifunctional corn thresher sold to Congo

In April 2023, one customer from Congo bought one multifunctional corn thresher for threshing maize with an electric motor. And this customer is very clear about what he needs, and placed the order for the corn sheller machine very quickly.

Multifunctional corn thresher
multifunctional corn thresher

The background of the client from the Congo

This customer has a certain scale of agricultural production and needs, and also attaches great importance to modern agricultural machinery. The customer also has his own agent and company, indicating that he has clear plans and goals for the development of agricultural production. By understanding these needs and backgrounds, we can better provide the right products and services for him.

Place the order for the multifunctional corn thresher and payment

This customer bought our company’s corn thresher through his agent, allowing us to establish a good agent relationship in the African market and be able to serve our customers better. And the choice to use RMB for payment further shows the influence and recognition of Chinese agricultural machinery in the African market.

Multifunctional corn thresher list for Congo

Mt-860 multifunctional thresher machine pi
MT-860 multifunctional thresher machine PI

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