1.5-2t/h multi crop thresher shipped to Zambia

In February 2023, a customer from Zambia ordered a diesel-driven multi crop thresher from us. Because our multifunctional thresher can do maize, soybean, sorghum, and millet, it is a very cost-effective agricultural equipment for the customer and is worth buying.

Basic information about this customer from Zambia

This Zambian customer is a frequent importer from China and has his own agent in Guangzhou, so it is very convenient to buy import and export machines.

Why did the Zambian client quickly place an order on the multi crop thresher in Taizy?

Multi crop thresher
multi crop thresher

It only took 5 days from the initial contact to the order and payment. The reasons why this Zambian customer quickly placed an order with us are summarized as follows:

  1. The prompt response of professional personnel. When this customer asked about our multi crop thresher, we immediately answered his inquiry and recommended suitable agricultural machinery according to his needs.
  2. High cost performance. Because our machines are self-produced and sold, the price of our machines is more favorable than other suppliers, and the quality is also very good.

Machine parameters for the Zambian client

Multifunctional thresherMultifunctional Thresher Machine
Model: MT-860
Power :8hp diesel engine
Size: 1160*860*1200mm
1 set
SievesSieves4 pcs

Notes: This Zambian customer chose to buy the diesel model of the multifunctional thresher machine and paid in full. Besides, we also sent 4 pieces of the screen for free. And we promise to deliver the machine to the customer’s agent in Guangzhou within one week after receiving the payment.

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