What materials can be crushed by commercial corn grinder?

The commercial corn grinder is a multi-functional agricultural machinery and equipment, which is usually used to grind various grains and cereals into powder or fine grains. Its multi-material grinding characteristics allow it to have a wide range of applications in different fields.

Commercial corn grinder
commercial corn grinder

Multi-material grinding ability of commercial corn grinder

Corn grains: One of the most common uses of corn mills is to grind corn grains into cornmeal or corn flour. These products can be used to make food products such as cornbread, corn pastries, and cornflakes.

Wheat and barley: Mills can also be used to grind wheat and barley into flour. This flour is widely used in baking such as making bread, cakes and biscuits.

Rice: Rice is processed in Taizy commercial corn grinder to make rice flour, which is used to make a variety of rice and rice flour foods.

Soya and other legumes: Corn mills are also used to grind soya and other legumes into soya milk or soya fishy for making soya milk, soya fishy, tofu and other food products.

Mixed grains and cereals: Our maize mills also have versatile features that allow them to process a variety of mixed grains and cereals such as millet, sorghum, oats, and more.

Wide range of applications for commercial corn grinder

Food processing industry: Corn mills play a key role in the food processing industry. It is used to prepare various flours, powders and pastes for use in food processing plants.

Rural and farms: The commercial corn grinder is often used in rural areas and farms to grind crops into feed for livestock such as chickens, pigs and cows.

Home kitchens: In some places, small corn mills are used at home to make traditional foods such as tortillas, noodles, and pastries.

Food aid programs: Maize mills are widely used in food aid programs around the globe, helping people in hungry areas to access highly nutritious food.

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Chicken feed grinder
chicken feed grinder

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