What’s the manufacturing process of corn grit machine?

In the field of agricultural processing, corn grits is an important process that transforms corn into a highly nutritious grits product. A reliable corn grit machine is indispensable to achieve an efficient and precise grits making process.

Corn grit machine
corn grit machine

A maize grits machine transforms corn into fine grits through a series of process steps such as cleaning, crushing, grinding, and separating. This article will introduce the working process of a corn grits machine and take you deeper into this key piece of agricultural processing equipment.

Video of T3 corn grit machine: how to make corn grits and corn meal?

The detailed process of making corn grits and cornflour

Because this corn grits making machine is used for wet peeling, the specific grits making process is as follows:

  1. Add water and stir: because the general use of wet peeling, the water content of the corn in the machine reaches 16-17%, wetting time of about 10 minutes. Therefore, before using the grits making machine to make grits, you should mix the water sufficiently to prepare for the best results.
  2. Take off the maize skin and splitter corn: put the fully mixed corn into the feeding port of the corn grit machine. It can be the whole corn for peeling and splitting, and the finished product is the broken corn kernel after peeling. This step can be repeated if the crushing is not enough.
  3. Making corn grits and corn flour: the peeled and crushed corn kernels are put into the grits making system, and you can adjust the ratio of size corn grits and corn flour by adjusting the handle to reach the final demand.

It is important to note that Step 2 and Step 3 can be performed simultaneously, so that the output of T3 can reach 300-400 kg per hour. Thus, if you’re interested in this corn grit machine, welcome to contact me at any time and we will provide the best solution for you!

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