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Our manual seeder machine mainly contains two types, one is unpowered manual corn planter, another is gasoline manual corn planter machine. Hand seeder can sow seeds of corn, peanut, soybean, and any crops of similar size. The manual corn seed planter can do fertilization, seed sowing, digging, ditching, and ridging, light and durable, it is the new product that broad farmer friend realizes agricultural mechanization. It is a small machine used in dry fields, suitable for all dry field crops’ ridge operation. Compared with bigger multi-row planters, hand-held planters need no additional power, are smaller, easier to operate and at a cheaper price, and have become popular with farmers in Africa and other regions in recent years.

Type A: Manual Seeder Without Engine Power

Structure introduction

Structure of manual seeder
structure of manual seeder

This corn seed planter includes handrail, wheel, seed bin, covering roller, ditching seed feeder, front drawing. Main material is carbon steel and plastic, which have lightweight and is tough and durable. Depending on the size of the grains, it is possible to plant different grains by switching the internal seed trays, trays with different sizes of seed hole.

Technical parameter of seed planter

NameSeeder machine

How to operate the corn planter?

  1. This corn seed planter machine needs two people to operate. One is pulling the machine forward by rope in front, and the other is holding it steady behind to adjust the direction.  
  2. Put the seeds into sowing bin.
  3. Press the machine down as you move forward, making sure that the ditching seed feeder can go deep into the soil and the seeds can land in the soil without popping or sticking to the ground. Remember to press, this action is quite important to use this machine.
  4. Try to ensure the forward moving speed is uniform and stable.

Advantages of manual seed planter:

  1. Light weight and small size, easy to operate.
  2. Multifunctional. Not only seed sowing, it can also do fertilization, digging and ditching, which is very convenient for small scale farmers.  
  3. Variety of seeds can be processed. It’s easy to change the seed planting tray inside of the machine to process different sizes of crops.
  4. Simple structure with very cheap price, the machine just costs little but saves a lot of labor.

Successful case of manual seeder to Nigeria

 In March this year, our regular customer from Nigeria, planned to order some manual unpowered corn seeder machines for distribution. He received one set as a sample first but met some problems with the sowing. Due to improper operation, he said our corn seed planter machine could not let the seeds fall into the soil. As soon as we learned about this, we immediately conducted debugging and trial run of the machine in the factory with the customer online video. Fortunately, his problem was solved smoothly and then he ordered a full 20GP container of this machine. After receiving these machines, he told us the local farmers like our machine so much.

Type B: Gasoline Manual Corn Planter Machine

Structure introduction

Gasoline equipped manual corn seeder
gasoline equipped seeder

Compared with unpowered manual corn seed planter one, this machine has a gasoline engine as power to save the manpower to drag. Other structures are basically the same. This one can be matched with two kinds of gasoline engines, one is 170F gasoline engine, total weight is 38kg, another is 152F gasoline engine, total weight is 32kg.

Advantages of gasoline seeder machine

  1. With light weight and small size, easy to operate.
  2. Gasoline engine drives the corn seed planter machine, people only need to hold the handrail and control the direction, which save labor to a great extent. Beside, one person can do the job.
  3. The engine provides more balanced power at a uniform speed, which allows the machine to plant seeds more evenly.
  4. Compared with other machines on the market, this machine is much cheaper.
  5. In addition to sowing seeds, fertilization, digging and ditching can also be done efficiently.
Gasoline engine-corn seed planter
gasoline engine-corn seed planter


1. What’s the minimum order quantity?

We sell this corn seed planter machine for wholesale, MOQ is usually 20 sets.

2. What’s the delivery time if I order 100sets?

After receiving your payment, it usually takes one week to deliver 100sets.

3. Can this machine do fertilization and sowing seeds at the same time?

No, it cannot. The seeds and fertilizer should be put separately and cannot be sowed at the same time.

4. How long can I receive the item after paying?

We usually deliver the item within 3-5 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

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