Manual Corn Seed Planter

Manual seed planter is a very practical tool for sowing crop seeds in the agricultural industry, especially in the Africa area. It has a very simple structure, easy operation, and strong adaptability. Generally, it’s sowing crops of corn, wheat, peanut, etc. Because of the simple structure, the farmer can easily master how to run the handheld seed planter. Besides, this seeder machine is very small, used in the dry fields to carry out the sowing works. Also, this hand seeder planter has no engine power and totally uses the manpower. So, it’s very cost-effective. Want to learn more information about this seed planter? Welcome to contact us at any time!

Manual seed planter
manual seed planter

Structure Design of Hand Operated Seeder

This manual seeder machine has a simple design, consisting of a seed bin, ditching seed feeder, covering roller, handrail, wheel, and front drawing. The main steps include digging the hole, feeding the seed, and then covering the soil. Its structure functions to complete these procedures. The machine material is plastic and carbon steel. Therefore, it’s a light-duty machine.

Structure of manual corn seed planter
structure of manual corn seed planter

But pay attention, this machine needs two persons to cooperate. Moreover, you can realize to sow different seeds through changing corresponding the seed wheel. In Taizy Corn Machine Company, 8 types of seed wheel are available. That means, when you choose to buy this manual seed planter, 8 types of the seed wheel are always attached.

Technical Parameters of Machine

From the data, it’s clear that the machine is lightweight, easy to operate.

Machine nameSeeder machine
Capacity0.5 ace/h
Size1370*420*900 mm
Weight12 kg

Advantages of Hand Seed Planter Machine

  • Simple structure. When you check with the machine, you can easily understand it and are easy to get started.
  • Light weight and small machine. Due to the plastic and carbon steel material, the manual seed planter is light in mass and occupying little space.
  • No pollution. Owing to the full manual operation, no motor is applied, it cannot cause any pollution to the environment.
  • Convenient operation. Only put the seeds into the seed pin, and then persons are ready for pushing and drawing the seeder, the machine can work.
  • Multi function. This machine is not only for sowing seeds, but also for fertilizing.

Wide Applications of Corn Seeder

The manual seed planter has a wide range of applications, seeding such as corns, wheat, peanuts, beans, sorghum, rape, etc. What’s more, it can fertilize. Various fertilizers for arable land can reach their position through this machine. However, seeding and fertilizing aren’t able to do simultaneously. And after seeding, if you want to fertilize, the fertilization work should be carried out in the different ditches. Of course, if you require the exact seed quantity and the plant space, we can also supply this kind of machine. Concerning the details, you can contact our professional officer to get support.   

Applications of manual seed planter
applications of manual seed planter

How to Operate Hand Push Planter?

This hand-operated seed sowing machine requires two persons to work together, whoever you are male or female. One person is back of the machine, pushing the machine and controlling the direction. Another one is the front of the machine, pulling the belt of the front drawing.

Firstly, put the seed into the seed pin.

Secondly, two persons start their work to drive the manual seed planter.

Thirdly, the ditch seed feeder will dig the ditch, and then the seed comes to the ditch. The cover roller will cover the soil subsequently.

Fourthly, the entire seeding process is completed.

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