Our maize meal milling machine works in Philippine corn processing plant

The Philippines customer operates a small corn processing plant serving farmers in the local area, with the growth of market demand and the improvement of product quality requirements, they need to introduce a highly efficient and functional maize meal milling machine to enhance the processing capacity, to provide local farmers with higher quality cornmeal and grits products.

Maize meal milling machine for corn processing
maize meal milling machine for corn processing

Taizy maize meal milling machine solution

The customer chose our corn grits making machine, which combines cleaning, peeling, crushing, grading and other functions in one machine, and can quickly complete the transformation from raw corn grain to cornmeal and grits.

Through the introduction of this equipment, the processing plant significantly improved production efficiency and ensured the purity and taste of the products.

Equipment installation and debugging

After the machine arrived in the Philippines, we accompanied the maize grit machine‘s operation manual and video, as well as online service, to help Filipino customers carry out on-site installation and debugging work, to ensure that the corn grits machine can be quickly put into operation.

At the same time, we also conducted operation training and technical guidance to customers to ensure that they mastered the correct use and maintenance knowledge.

Effect feedback after using maize grit machine

After the introduction of Taizy maize meal milling machine, the small corn processing plant in the Philippines successfully realized the upgrading of corn deep processing service, which meets the demand of local farmers for high-quality cornmeal and corn grits.

The good reputation and efficient processing capacity attracted more farmers to come to co-operate, effectively promoting the development of local agricultural economy.

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