Corn Grits Milling Machine

Different from classic flour mills, this corn grits milling machine adopts advanced technology and can produce three finished products. The three finished products are corn flour, big corn grits, and small corn grits. Corn is one of the staple foods in people’s daily life, so the corn grits grinding machine can create huge profits for investors in this industry. Also, this machine can be equipped with electric motor and diesel engine, providing users with flexible options. In addition, this maize grinding machine can remove the black germs to get high-quality finished products.

corn grits milling machine

Also, this corn grits and flour milling machine is also suitable for small rural workshops. So our machines are exported to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Bangladesh, Kenya, and other countries.

Working Video of Corn Grits and Flour Milling Machine

Through the video, you can clearly know the production process. Generally speaking, it has two steps to make corn grits and cornmeal: firstly, crush the corn into small pieces. Secondly, make small corn into corn grits and corn flour. Different from T3, this T1 corn grits milling machine should process the cron grits and flour step by step.

Structure of Corn Grits Milling Machine

The structure of this maize grits grinding machine is actually very simple. There are two inlets, which hold the raw materials and the dehulled corn kernels respectively. When the raw material is molted, chaff comes out. The speed can also be adjusted with the adjustment handle. In the process of making grits, the proportion of the three finished products can also be adjusted by adjusting the handle.

structure of corn grits milling machine

Features of Corn Grits Milling Machine for Sale

  • Two power devices are available. This maize grinding machine can use the electric motor or the diesel engine, which can solve the problem of electricity shortage in some places.
  • Food grade material. The materials used in the corn grits grinding machine are food-safe and ensure the health of the product.
  • Fine grinding, low noise, high efficiency.
  • Wide applications. Because this flour grinder is not only for corn, also for wheat, rice and other flour.
  • This machine is suitable for investors, also for the rural small workshops.
  • Besides, the finished products can be used for making snacks.
usage of finished products

Technical Parameters of Corn Grinding Machine

This corn grits making machine has different capacities for the different grains. Details are shown below:

Making corn gritsCorn peelingMaking cornflourFeed smashingGrinding riceWheat peelingGrinding wheat flourOther making flour
ModelRated voltagePowerSpindle speed
T1380v7.5 kW 4 level1150r/min

Successful Case: Automatic Electric Corn Grits Milling Machine to the Philippines

This year, our sales manager Winne received an inquiry from a customer in the Philippines. He runs a small workshop selling corn grits locally. After understanding his needs and budget, Winne recommended this T1 corn grits machine to him and sent relevant working videos and pictures. Philippines customer also inquired about other merchants. But after comparison, it is found that our machine is more cost-effective. So he ordered from us. After receiving the packed machine, he was very satisfied and sent us a feedback video.

package of maize grinding machine

Feedback Video from the Philippines about Corn Grits Milling Machine

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