T3 maize grits making machine sold to Angola

This maize grits making machine is a very practical machine, as it allows for the preparation of corn flour and grits. Whether it is consumed directly as food or for the next step in the processing and preparation of maize food, it is feasible. And as maize is one of the major crops in the world, the market for related machines is also vast. Recently, we exported a T3 maize grits machine to Angola.

Why did the Angolan customer buy a maize grits making machine?

Angola is an agricultural country in the African region, where maize is one of the five most important kinds of cereal. Therefore processing maize is necessary.

Maize grits making machine
maize grits making machine

This Angolan customer wanted to buy a corn grits machine for selling maize flour and grits, based on the local situation and the fact that he had a shop and a source of maize.

Why did the customer choose the T3 maize grits making machine?

  1. The T3 grits machine can be used to peel corn and make grits at the same time, making it more efficient and quicker to produce the finished product.
  2. The machine can produce 300-400 kg per hour, which meets the needs of the Angolan customer.
Corn grinding machine factory
corn grinding machine factory

What did the Angolan customer get after purchasing the machine?

Before purchasing the maize grits making machine, he could only sell the corn kernels as a whole, but now he can sell the maize flour and grits directly as an edible product, as well as selling them to food companies for further processing. In contrast, more profit is made.

Corn meal
corn meal
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