How is corn processed to make grits?

Corn grits are a common coarse food, the production process requires fine processing. Taizy corn grits machine as a modern corn processing equipment for the production of corn grits provides an efficient and convenient solution.

Corn grits manufacturing process

The process of making grits is divided into several simple but crucial steps:

  • Mixing the kernels and water: First, the cleaned corn kernels are mixed well with the right amount of water. The addition of water helps soften the corn kernels, making them easier to process and grind.
  • Dehulling and removing black germs: The mixed corn kernels are fed into the corn grits machine. In the machine, the corn will be dehulled and flaked, and the black germ will be removed. This step ensures the purity and quality of the final grits product.
  • Entering the grits and flour milling area: The processed corn kernels enter the grits area, ready for the grinding and grits making process. The grits area is usually equipped with an adjustable device capable of a ratio of cornmeal and maize grits.
  • Screening and discharging: Finally, the ground corn is screened and separated through a sieve. The fine cornmeal and coarser grits are separated and discharged for subsequent food processing and use.
Final products show of corn maize grits making machine
final products show of corn maize grits making machine

The whole process is simple, and through a series of mechanized steps, with the help of maize grit machine, the corn kernels are processed into high-quality cornmeal and grits to meet different needs for food processing.

The role of Taizy corn grits making machine

Our corn grits making machine is an efficient corn processing equipment with many advantages. It can quickly and evenly grind corn kernels into fine powder, and it is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

By using Taizy corn grits milling machine, farmers are able to carry out the production of corn grits more easily and improve production efficiency.

Corn grits making machine
corn grits making machine

Uses of corn grits

Maize grits are a multi-purpose ingredient that can be used to make a variety of corn products, such as cornmeal porridge and cornmeal pastries.

It is rich in starch and dietary fiber, nutritious and popular among consumers. The corn grits produced through our corn grits milling machine processing are of good quality and delicate taste, which are widely welcomed by the market.

Corn maize grits
corn maize grits


The application of Taizy maize grits making machine provides a convenient and efficient solution for the production of corn grits and promotes the development of corn processing industry.

We look forward to working hand in hand with more farmers and friends to jointly promote the prosperous development of the grits industry and bring people healthy and delicious corn food.

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