Hand Push Corn Seeder | Multi-function Soybean, Peanut Planter

This hand pushed corn seeder is an innovative hand-push roller planter. It also can be soybean, peanut planter. The planter overcomes the problem of geological difficulties so that it’s suitable for a variety of land. Besides, it’s a high-efficiency manual maize planter. One person can plant corns for 0.99-1.32 acres per day, using one corn seeder. This multi-function hand push seeder has the advantages of accurate sowing, neat emergence, ease and efficiency. If you have any doubts, welcome to contact us at any time! We’re willing to answer your inquiries!

Hand push corn seeder
hand push corn seeder

Structure Design of Hand Planters for Corn

As a professional and reliable agricultural manufacturer and supplier, our manual corn seeder machine has the simple structure. Generally, it consists of armrest, seedbox, seed brush, duckbill, cover soil wheel. It’s very friendly for the users.

Structure of maize seeder
structure of maize seeder

Technical Parameters of Hand Push Corn Seeder

The seeds planting quantity is flexible based on your demands. Moreover, the more the duckbill, the smaller the plant space.

Seeding depth3.5-7.8cm
Seeding quantity1-3 pcs, adjustable
DuckbillMax. 12 pcs
Weight11 kg
Packing size58*58*25 mm

Features of Manual Corn Seeder

  • Protect the environment: do not burn straws, return it to the field to become fertilizer; do not plough wheat field, resist wind and collapse.
  • Human operation: single person use, walk-behind corn planter, easy for women and the elderly.
  • Small and convenient: suitable for terrace, hillside, field seedling…
  • Precision sowing: 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs, cycle sowing 1pc-2pcs-1pc, precision seeding.
  • Sowing variety: corn, soybeans and 3-15mm seeds can be sown.

Wide Applications of Hand Push Corn Seeder

This hand push corn seeder has wide applications, only replacing the corresponding seed discs. Such as corn, peanut, soybeans, wheat, paddy rice. Also suitable for vegetables, like cabbage, spinach, onion, etc.  

How does a Hand Pushed Corn Seeder Work?

  1. Firstly, open the cover of seed box;
  2. Then, put proper seeds into the seed box;
  3. Next, hold the armrest and then push the corn seeder;
  4. Finally, complete the automatic seed sowing.

Successful Case: 20 Sets of Manual Corn Seeder Exported to Zambia

This year, one customer from Zambia inquired about this portable hand push corn seeder with fertilizer. He wanted 20 sets for his shops for sale. Through daily communication and friendly discussion, we also provided an acceptable price and good performance machine. Compared to other companies, we have rich experiences about the foreign trade and super services quality. Finally, he ordered 20 sets from our Taizy Company. After receiving the goods, he also sent good feedback and hoped to cooperate again.

Hand push corn seeder display

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