Export of hammer mill crusher to Thailand to boost business

As a Thai customer, he has been running his business in the agricultural sector, dedicated to corn milling and sales. When looking for a reliable solution to improve his productivity, he chose Taizy’s 9FQ hammer mill crusher and purchased three sets at once. Behind this decision was a series of reasons that made him trust and choose Taizy.

Hammer mill crusher
hammer mill crusher

Reasons for trusting and choosing Taizy

Production efficiency improvement

He chose Taizy’s 9FQ hammer mill mainly because of the machine’s efficient performance. By using it, he is able to grind large quantities of maize into powder more quickly, thus increasing my productivity. This is essential to meet market demand and grow his business.

Diversified production needs

The purchase of three different models of the 9FQ hammer mill crusher was motivated by a combination of this customer’s production needs. Each model can be adapted to different sizes and types of cornmeal, giving him more flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the market. This diversity provides greater productivity and adaptability for his business.

Cost savings

The 9FQ hammer pulverizer‘s outstanding performance means less energy consumption and lower operating costs. Buying three machines at once has not only helped him increase productivity, it has also reduced his operating costs in the long run. This makes his investment more cost-effective.

Taizy’s reputation and quality

Choosing 9FQ hammer mill crusher from Taizy is also because of the company’s excellent reputation in the field of agricultural machinery. Taizy has always been known for providing high-quality, reliable and innovative agricultural machinery. He believed it was a brand he could trust, and his choice was influenced by the good reputation of Taizy products in the market.

Service and support

Taizy not only provides quality products, but also excels in after-sales service and support. This customer feels at ease knowing that, at any stage, he will be able to receive professional help and support, which is crucial to ensuring that his production continues to run steadily.

Reference to hammer mill crusher parameters for Thailand

9FQ hammer millModel: 9FQ-360
Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 150kg/h
Hammer: 24pcs
Weight: 120kg
Size (mm): 1500*1000*1900
1 pc
9FQ hammer millModel: 9FQ-420
Power: 11kw
Capacity; 300kg/h
Hammer; 24pcs
Weight: 200kg
Size (mm): 1500*1000*1900
1 pc
9FQ hammer millModel: 9FQ-500
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 500kg/h
Hammer: 24pcs
Weight: 300kg
Size (mm): 1500*1000*1900
1 pc
machine list for Thailand
Hammer mill crusher for thailand
hammer mill crusher for Thailand

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