SL-368 fresh corn thresher helps Egypt process corn food

Recently, A food processing plant in Egypt contacted us with an urgent need for a fresh corn thresher. As the factory mainly produces food products made from fresh corn and the market demand is strong, they want to improve their production efficiency quickly. Therefore, not only did they require efficient sweet corn threshing equipment, but they also wanted to receive the goods as soon as possible, and opted for sea transportation.

Taizy fresh corn thresher
Taizy fresh corn thresher

Suitable solution from Taizy

In response to the customer’s needs, we recommended the fresh sweet corn thresher. Known for its high efficiency, stability and ease of operation, this machine is ideal for food processing plants that need to handle large quantities of fresh corn. Our fresh corn thresher has the following features:

  • High efficiency and energy saving: able to process large quantities of fresh corn quickly, dramatically increasing production efficiency.
  • Stable and durable: made of stainless steel to ensure long-term stable operation.
  • Easy to operate: simple design, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for daily use in food processing plants.

These characteristics attract Egyptian companies to place orders with us.

Production and delivery

Considering the urgent needs of our customers, we quickly arrange production and quality inspection to ensure that the fresh corn thresher is in the best condition before leaving the factory.

In order to ensure the safe and fast delivery of the equipment, after discussion with the customer, we adopted the air transportation method. We pack the equipment tightly to prevent damage during transportation. Meanwhile, we keep close contact with logistics companies to ensure smooth customs clearance and transportation.

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