A series of corn planter machines shipped to the Congo

The corn planter is a very economical and practical corn seeder, a manual model, suitable for hilly and mountainous areas. Taizy has the manual type and the tractor-mounted type, depending on your needs. In October 2022, a customer from Congo ordered a maize planter and a number of maize machines from us.

The detailed process of the related corn planter machines ordered by the Congo customer

Manual corn planter
manual corn planter
  1. Send an inquiry: the Congo client sent the inquiry about the corn planter and our sale manager Anna contacted him very soon.
  2. Machine information: Anna sent the machine-related information to the Congo customer. Also, the customer asked about the other corn machines, such as the multifunctional thresher, disk mill, etc. Anna also sent these machines’ details, including the parameters, photos, videos, etc.
  3. Confirm details: the Congo customer required the corn harvester with the diesel engine, the multifunction thresher with the diesel engine, etc. Besides, the disk mill machine should have various sieves. All these should be confirmed.
  4. Place an order: the above information was confirmed, and then the sales managerCongo client placed an order for a series of corn machines. The details are shown below.

Technical parameters of corn machines bought by the Congo customer

Single-row corn harvester machineModel: 4YZ-1(diesel engine)
Size: 1820*800*1190mm
Weight: 265kg
Working speed: 0.72-1.44km / h
Unit working area fuel consumption: ≤10kg/h ㎡
Hours of productivity: 0.03-0.06h㎡/(h.m)
Number of blades: 10pcs
Packing size: about 1.2cbm
1 set
Multifunctional Thresher MachineModel: MT-860
Power: 8hp diesel engine
Capacity: 1.5–2t/h
Weight: 170kg
Size: 1160*860*1200mm
Packing size: about 1 cbm
1 set
Disk mill machineModel: 9FZ-23
Motor: 5-6HP diesel engine
Capacity: 250kg/h
Packing size: about 0.5cbm

0.2 mm: 6 pieces
2 mm: 4 pieces
8 mm: 2 pieces
2 sets
Manual corn planter/10 sets
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