Haitian client buys corn maize grits making machine

In Haiti, a visionary customer chose Taizy’s corn maize grits making machine to expand his agricultural industry, which is dedicated to the production and sale of commercial cornmeal and grits. In this case, we will understand the customer’s needs, combine the Haitian market situation and Taizy corn grits machine technical advantages, and reveal the backstory of this successful cooperation.

Corn maize grits making machine
corn maize grits making machine

Customer background and decision-making motivation

The Haitian customer is an agri-entrepreneur who, after learning about the realities of the Haitian corn market, saw the continuing demand for cornmeal and grits in the region. As a result, he saw great potential for commercialized maize products. And the growing local demand for high-quality, fresh produce has provided strong support for the business.
To improve production efficiency and reduce costs, she chose our corn maize grits making machine and devoted herself to commercial cornmeal and grits production.

Key features of Taizy’s corn maize grits making machine

Our corn grits making machine stands out with its high efficiency, reliability and ease of operation. Intelligent control system, stable performance and the ability to adapt to different scale of production provide customers with an integrated solution.

Machine list for Haiti

Corn grinding machineCorn Griding Machine
Model :T1
Power :18HP diesel engine
Gross Weight :480kg
Remark: Includes electric start
1 pc
machine list for Haiti

Using results from Haiti

After the machine arrived in Haiti, in actual use, Taizy’s maize grits making machine has enabled him to significantly improve production efficiency, while reducing labour costs in the production process. This makes commercial production more cost-effective. In addition, the customer flexibly adjusted the production strategy to better meet the local market demand and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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