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This series of corn harvester machine has more cutting rows than 2 rows and single row harvester. We provide two types, one with 3 rows and another with 4 rows. Their capacities can reach about 4000-6700 square meters per hour. They have compact structure and flexible size. Furthermore, both of them can realize cutting corn stalks not according to the planting rows. So our machine is very practical.

Similar to the two-row corn harvester, 3 rows and 4 rows both have functions of picking and collecting corn, peeling husk and crushing the corn stalk, and returning it into the field directly. The three functions adapt to modern agricultural economic demands, that’s why they are popular with farmers with middle and large scales of corn planting. Customers from Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Peru, Madagascar, and many other countries are interested in this series of machines.

3 Rows Corn Harvester

Main Structure and Specification of Corn Harvester Machine

  1. This machine is self-propelled type with wheels which is driven by 103kw engine. Two of wheels are driving wheels.
  2. Cutting width is 1825mm, working efficiency is about 4000-6700 square meter per hour.
  3. Iron roller and rubber roller form peeling roller part.  
  4. The volume of collection box is about 1.5cbm.
  5. The smallest ground clearance is less than 290mm.  
  6. The peeling rate is more than 85%, the stalk crushing rate is more than 85%.

4 Rows Corn Harvester

Structure and Features of Corn Harvester Machine

  1. Self-propelled type with two wheels as the driving wheel.
  2. The rotation speed of the engine is 2200r/min.
  3. The cutting width is 2400mm.
  4. Iron roller and rubber roller compose peeling roller parts.
  5. The volume of the collection box is about 2.22cbm.
  6. The smallest ground clearance is less than 280mm.
  7. The fuel consumption per hectare is less than 20 litres.

Technical Parameters of Two Types

Model 4YZ-3W4YZ-4W
Structure typeSelf-propelled wheelSelf-propelled wheel
Driving mode2-wheel drive2-wheel drive
Engine speed2300r/min2200r/min
Harvesting lines3 rows4 rows
Applicable range of row spacing650mm500-700mm
Cutting width1825mm2400mm
Peeling Roller MaterialIron roller & Rubber rollerIron roller & Rubber roller
Minimum ground clearance290 mm280mm
Unit area fuel consumption≤ 20 L/hectare≤ 20 L/hectare
Granary Volume1.5m32.2m3
Total loss rate≤ 4%≤ 4%
Grain breakage rate≤ 1.0%≤ 1.0%
Content of impurities≤ 1.5%≤ 1.5%
Peeling rate≥ 85%≥ 85%
Stubble height≤ 50mm≤ 50mm
Straw crushing rate≥ 85%≥ 85%

Advantages of Corn Cutter Machine

  • One machine has 3 functions. It can do cutting and harvesting corn, peeling husk, and crushing stalks.  
  • The machine is with compact structure, short machine length, and short distance between front and back wheels, which improve the flexibility of machine, and increase the speed of turning.
  • The peeling part is composed of 4 groups of 16 rollers, iron roller and rubber roller combine to form peeling roller, which has high rate of peeling, and can hardly damage the kernels.
  • The stubble height is low, the average stubble length is about 50mm. So the fertilizer effect is is better by crushing the stalk finely.
  • From cutting to collecting to unloading the corns, all the steps are automatic, which saves labor to a great extent.
  • There’s a comfortable closed cab for user to sit and operate in. It reduces the voice, also presents a broad view.
  • The machine adopts big horse power engine, with low fuel consumption and high energy supply.
  • Easy to operate. You don’t need to worry about the complex operational processes, we will provide complete working and operating video and manual book for you.

Successful Case of Corn Harvester

In June this year, a customer from Peru sent inquiried to us about corn harvester machine. Firstly he wanted a small type of harvester, but after one month negotiation, he changed his mind. He also thought there was a better choice that the machine can sit and with highly automated operation. In July he placed the order and enjoined us to deliver the paper manual book with the machine together. In order to make it easier for customers to understand the manual book, we translated them into Spanish. After receiving the item in September, the customer was very happy to receive our manual book in Spanish. Although there were some grammatical mistakes in our manual book, he was very satisfied with our services.   


1. Can this machine peel the husk of corn?

Yes, it can.

2. What’s the stubble height of this machine?

For 3 rows one, it’s less than 290mm; for 4 rows one, it’s less than 280mm.

3. If my corn is disorderly planted, can this machine harvest it?

Yes, it can harvest corn not according to the planting rows.

4. What’s the fuel consumption of this machine?

Less than 20 litres per hectare.

5. Where does the stalk go?

It’s being cut and crushed and returned to the field directly.

6. How do you deliver this machine?

We load and fix it into the container.

7. How long can I receive the item after paying?

We usually deliver the item within 10-15 days, the delivery time by sea or by air will depend on the shipping port of you.

8. What kind of payment terms do you provide?

Trade Assurance, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C, Pay Pal, Cash, etc.

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