Animal feed hammer mill for poultry feed making

The animal feed hammer mill of 9FQ series is a machine specially designed for feed processing and it plays an important role in chicken feed making. Here are the functions of the 9FQ Jaw Mill and how to use it for chicken feed making.

9fq animal feed hammer mill
9FQ animal feed hammer mill

Functions of 9FQ animal feed hammer mill

The 9FQ hammer mill has a variety of functions for different production needs such as pellet feed, powder feed, and raw material crushing. It can process feed ingredients such as corn, soybeans, bran, wheat, etc. into powdered feed suitable for chickens. The design of the machine makes the granules crushed evenly and ensures the quality and nutritional value of the feed.

Chicken feed making process

For making high-quality chicken feed, if chicken feed pellets, you need two machines, an animal feed hammer mill and a feed pellet machine. Now we’ll introduce the process in detail.

Raw materials preparation

Gather the raw materials that need to be used for making chicken feed, such as corn, soybeans, wheat bran, etc. Ensure the quality and dryness of the raw materials.


The prepared raw material will be put into the 9FQ animal feed hammer mill. The machine will pulverize the raw material into the desired granularity. The outlet size of the machine can be adjusted as required to obtain feed of different particle sizes.


Mix the feed processed by the corn grinder machine with other additives such as vitamins and minerals. This ensures a balanced nutritional profile in the feed.

Pelletizing (optional)

Diesel engine-feed pellet mill machine

If pelletized feed is required, a feed pelletizer can be used to make pellets from powdered feed. This helps to improve the palatability and storability of the feed.

Drying and cooling

The finished feed is dried to reduce the moisture content and maintain the stability of the feed. It is then cooled to ensure that the feed does not become moldy during storage and consumption.

Packaging and storage

Packaging and storing the chicken feed in a dry and ventilated place to ensure the quality and freshness of the feed.

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