80 sets chaff cutter and grinder machine sold to Togo

Chaff cutter and grinder machine is a machine that can cut and crush chaff, straw, hay, corn stalks, silage, and grind grains into flour. It’s a practical agriculture machine applied to animals feeding. it has both functions of cutting and crushing chaff, and grinding grains. Because of its potable size and efficient performance, this machine is favored by farmers from many agricultural developing countries. Our machine can be matched with 3 kinds of engine, electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine. It perfectly solve the problem that some remote area lacking of electricity.

We provide two models of this machine, two models are mainly distinguished by their capacities. TZY-D1 has capacity of processing corn for 1ton per hour, TZY-D2 has capacity of 1.5 ton per hour. Customer can choose a suitable model according to specific demands. In recent years, this machine has been very popular with farmers from Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Indonesia, Australia, Ecuador, etc..

80 sets chaff cutter and grinder machine sold to Togo

In September this year, a customer from Togo send inquiry to us about chaff cutter machine. He asked about a similar machine to our TZY machine, but not exactly the same. Then we showed our machine to him, and emphatically introduced the position of outlet and inlet. Because the position of inlet, outlet, and engine, is very important to user. It’s about design’s reasonably or not.

This customer cooperated with local government, and needed time to make final decision with members of government. In October, he decided to order one set as sample first. We delivered the machine as soon as possible to him by air.

Later, the customer received the machine with diesel engine. Fortunately, he thought our speed of delivery and gratitude was very good. Besides, due to many experience we had cooperated with Africa people, and good performance of machine, they finally decided to buy the machine from us. They ordered one full 20GP container, with 80 sets machine with diesel engine. As a gesture of thanks, we gave him 30 sets of accessories for free. This customer was very happy about this and promised to cooperate with us in further future.

After receiving his deposit, we began to prepare the machines. Two weeks later, 80 sets chaff cutter and grinder machine were loaded in the container and delivered to Togo.

After-sale service

In earlier time of December, the container arrived at the shipping port of Togo. But there was something wrong happened to the customer’s documents of receiving. He thought it was our problem and called us angrily. Then we contacted the shipping company very quickly as soon as we received his call. Delightfully, the shipping company cooperated a lot with our work, and told us what should consignee have to get the item. We called this customer back and explained patiently about what documents were needed to get the item. Fortunately, two days later, this customer told us he got the container successfully, and began to arrange workers to unload the machines.

    After all these, the customer made us a video call and thanked us specially. He apologized for his bad temperature and gave us high praise. He was grateful that our sales clerk had solved this problem calmly and perfectly, and had not been influenced by his bad attitude. Besides, the machines were good, the spare parts were practical, and local farmers liked this machine very much. He praised us a lot and wished to have further cooperation with us in near future.

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