56 sets corn sheller machine sold to Philippines

Corn sheller machine is a sheller and peeler machine to process corn. It’s mainly for agriculture use. Corn sheller machine is widely welcomed by customers from Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, the United States, and so on. A corn sheller also called corn thresher machine, which separates and collects kernels and cobs. Besides, most of corn sheller machine also has the function of removing corn husk. It’s a very practical machine in farm use, can help farmers process corn with high efficiency. Corn sheller machine saves much labor for farmers. In addition, corn sheller has different models with different capacities. Some are small for home use or big scale farms. While others are big for large scale planting area.

Corn sheller
corn sheller machine

We provide 5 types of corn sheller machines for customers to choose from. They have capacities from 2 tons per hour to 30 tons per hour. Besides, there is a sweet corn sheller machine, professionally separates sweet corn kernels and cob. Each type of corn sheller is designed to be quite humane, which can save farmers labor to a great extent.

Corn planting in Philippines

Philippine agriculture occupies a very important position in its national economy. The Philippines has good agricultural resources, fertile soil, and abundant water resources. Of the 30 million hectares of land in the country, 47% of them are agriculturally available. Corn is an agricultural product with great development potential and high demand in the Philippines. Corn is the main feed grain in the Philippines. The Philippine corn yield is only about 1.8 tons per hectare, but based on their actual conditions, the yield should be about 6 tons per hectare. So they need to import a lot of corn every year to meet the demand for feed. 


Imported corn is not as good as producing enough corn yourself. Therefore, in recent years, according to the statistics of our company, the demand for agricultural machinery for processing corn in the Philippines has been very large. Whether for personal use or for distribution, Filipinos are very enthusiastic about corn machinery.

56 sets corn sheller machine sold to Philippines

In August of 2019, a customer from Philippines sent an inquiry to us about corn sheller machine. After one month of negotiation, he finally placed the order of 56 sets corn sheller machine from us. What he purchased was the multifunctional thresher machine of our company. It was a very hot-sale machine, could process corn, soybean, sorghum, millet, and many grains with similar figure. The customer now received the machines, and was very satisfied about the machines’ quality.

Corn sheller machine is also a very hot-sale machine for Nigeria and many African countries. The agricultural economies of these countries are developing rapidly, and Chinese machines are cheap and practical for them. Our company’s vision is to let Chinese machines spread across every corner of the world. So we attach great importance to cooperation with each customer. We believe that a machine can not only generate income for you, but also contribute to the economic development of your area and country. If you have any interests please contact us now!

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